One Tool to Rule the Backlogs

Bring speed and clarity to decision-making with a single scalable product backlog tool for the enterprise.

Plan Faster

Hansoft is 10-100x faster than similar tools, which accumulates to measurable increases in planning efficiency. Create and modify backlog items at the speed of business change. Delegate with the click of a button to let teams break down user stories into tasks.

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Meet Your Goals

Expect fewer meetings, check-ins, and status updates. Expect more actionable insights. Teams know priorities immediately. Watch backlog items turn from in-progress to done as they're completed in real-time. Measure what matters and meet your goals.

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Collaborate Easily

With Hansoft, you can let teams work their way. Cross-functional teams can use favorite methods (and side by side): Scrum, Gantt, Kanban, Waterfall, SAFe, and more. For example, product owners can manage dependencies with Gantt charts while scrum teams commit to sprints. Reports and dashboards are equally customizable.

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7 Anti-Patterns for Selecting an Agile Tool

Looking for a new solution? Avoid these common mistakes. 

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Built to Work Your Way

From backlog structure to integrations to industry changes, Hansoft customizes to the actual needs of your organization.


Flexible, Limitless Structure

Refine, prioritize, estimate, and give any custom attribute to your backlog items. With Helix Plan, you can optimize backlog structure for unlimited teams and products.


Integrated Issue Tracker

A quality assurance section keeps teams on top of bugs and issues. Let testers into the backlog while protecting IP through granular permission levels.

Custom Dashboards

Get dynamic reporting and analytics for real-time insights — from big picture to details. With custom dashboards, make smart corrections and bring value to sprint retrospectives.


Resource Allocation

Modify your team at the speed of project and business change. Optimize human resource allocations to boost productivity, save time, and increase efficiency.


All user needs are not the same. Therefore, Helix Plan has both a cloud option and is easily deployed on-premises with strong security mechanisms to protect your organization.



Helix Plan integrates with Perforce Helix Core, LDAP, Jira, Git. The SDK opens up possibilities for further integrations and customizations in any major .NET language.

"I spent three weeks trying all the tools I could find and Hansoft came out as the clear winner."

– Gennadiy Korol, Co-Founder, Director of Technology at Moon Game Studios

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