Of The Free Agile Planning Tools, Why Choose Hansoft?

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Boost Productivity

Improve productivity by letting teams work their way — with the fastest tool available.

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Gather Intelligence

Make and justify better decisions with insights you need — from task to project to portfolio.

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Scale Teamwork

Teams (and teams of teams) share a single scalable backlog for alignment.

Why Hansoft Beat 12 Other Agile Tools

For Schneider Electric, better collaboration at scale shortened their lead times.

After evaluating 13 tools — including Microsoft TFS, Jira, Rally (CA Agile Central), and VersionOne — Schneider Electric chose Hansoft because it accommodated their scale and customization needs.

One Agile Tool for Everything

Solve expanding scale, tight schedules, and dispersed teams with Hansoft.

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Fast, Flexible Planning

Combine Gantt with Agile (Scrum, Kanban) to propel projects forward.

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Efficiency Everywhere

Team members check off prioritized to-do lists. Managers focus on what’s next.

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Deep Insights

Get real-time insights for confident decision-making.

"I spent three weeks trying all the tools I could find and Hansoft came out as the clear winner."

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Gennadiy Korol
Co-Founder, Director of Technology at Moon Game Studios

Agile Planning Tools Optimize the Workday

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Less Waste

Leaner workflows. Fewer meetings. Better resource allocation.

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More Clarity

Visualize progress and decide at the speed of change with custom views.

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Fewer Surprises

Outmaneuver surprises and hit milestones with less stress.

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