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As the engine for your Agile projects, Helix Plan delivers unrivaled speed, flexibility, scale.

Many Methods, One Project

Your Agile tool should provide the structure you need to succeed. With Helix Plan, you can combine multiple Agile methodologies in one project. Mix Scrum, Kanban, and Gantt charts as your teams prefer. Switch on the fly. Watch productivity boost and projects benefit from giving teams autonomy to complete projects the best way they can.

Mix Scrum, Kanban, and Gantt Charts with Hansoft

Flow With a Kanban Tool

Agile Kanban intuitively supports smoother project workflows. Team members using the Kanban tool in Helix Plan can quickly create custom columns, lanes, and cards. Then drag and drop until it's “Done.”

Everything synchronizes to planning views — so, unlike common board tools, there aren’t silos. Helix Plan is different from *Agile project management tools because it lets you see more than one board at a time. So teams can collaborate better and flow work forward.

Kanban tool for Agile project management

Iterate With a Scrum Tool

Helix Plan comes ready to scrum — from planning to retrospectives and every ceremony between. Product owners can plan and refine backlogs quickly. Then scrum teams commit to sprints. From there, user stories are easily broken down into tasks and estimated (whether hours, days, points, or your own custom metric). Unblock impediments with simple visual cues. Simplify sprint planning. Add value to retrospectives.

Scrum project management in Hansoft

Scale Agile Projects

If you have more than one team (or plan to), you need an Agile project management tool that can scale. Helix Plan, with a single dedicated product backlog, lets you implement Agile frameworks you want (SAFe, LeSS). You can also customize that implementation to your needs. So you have an Agile tool for the entire project portfolio — built for long-term success.

Scale easily with a true product backlog

Scale Kanban Beyond Team Level

Get real life examples from our expert, Johan Karlsson, to learn how you can use Helix Plan at a massive scale.

On-Premise or Cloud

Helix Plan is easily deployed on-premises with strong security mechanisms to protect your organization. Helix Plan also has a cloud option. You can read the details in our Helix Plan Hosting Service PDF.

Image Resource Datasheet Hansoft Hosting Service

“I spent three weeks trying all the tools I could find and Helix Plan came out as the clear winner.”

Gennadiy Korol, Co-Founder, Director of Technology at Moon Game Studios

Evaluating Agile Project Management Tools?

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How Dimenco Scales R&D With Helix Plan

After moving from Microsoft Project to Helix Plan, this creator of innovative 3D technology gained the cross-project transparency their research and development teams needed to reduce product delays.

Image Solutions Agile Project Management Scales RD

6 Tips to Make Your Backlog Lean

Your backlog is the future of your product. When it becomes oversized, you risk delaying time to market and compromising quality. Learn how to restore your backlog, get back on track, and unleash innovation.

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