Consulting Services — Key Benefits

Move Faster, Right From the Start

Accelerate your ROI with expert implementation options for any size organization.

Save Critical Time With Expert Assistance

Partner with Perforce to integrate, migrate, upgrade, or administer Helix Core.

Ensure Long-term Success And Scalability

Trust our pros to implement best practices and help you overcome challenges.

Menu of Consulting Services

1. Helix Remote Administration (HRA)

Whether you’re already using Helix Core or looking to deploy it for the first time in your cloud environment, Helix Remote Administration can help. It allows your team to focus on your development work by offloading admin tasks to the team that knows Helix Core and Helix Swarm better than anyone. It protects you against the risks associated with downtime through expert, ongoing maintenance and admin.

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2. Implementation Packages

Get up and running quickly with a Helix Core implementation package. We offer Quick Start, Advanced, Enterprise, Cloud, and Custom implementation options to meet the needs of any organization. We’ll install and configure your environment for optimal performance. You get peace of mind that it will perform at scale, now and in the future.

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3. Monitoring Packages

Keep your teams up and running by diagnosing and resolving issues before users are impacted. Through our monitoring packages, we set up your Helix Core installation for proactive server monitoring. This can increase your uptime and improve your hardware and software performance.

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4. Migration and Upgrade Services

Looking for expert assistance in upgrading to the latest version of our software with minimal downtime? Or are you wanting to migrate to Helix Core? Engage with our consultants to complete your project quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly.


5. High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) Consulting

Planning for the complexities of a real-world disaster scenario or infrastructure failure takes real expertise and foresight. That’s exactly where we can help. Our consultants work with you to plan, design, and implement a solution that’s optimized for your goals. Simply stated — we can save you time and money if disaster strikes.


6. Assessments: Performance Tuning and Best Practices

When your environment isn’t performing at its peak, we can help you determine likely causes and to help resolve. Bringing your environment back to full strength allows your teams to focus on development and reach maximum velocity.

We can also consult with you to identify opportunities for deploying and adopting best practices with Helix Core. These include parallel development, branching strategies, managing the flow of change, and even reviewing your practices around specific industry requirements.


7. Helix Core Security Audit

Whether you have specific security concerns you want to address, or you are looking for a general security review of Helix Core in your environment, our experts can help you explore security implications. They can help you with organizational requirements to meet your security goals.


8. Helix Core Deployment Architecture Review

Ensure long-term success and scalability for your Helix Core deployment through a detailed architecture review with our consultants. We’ll look at key aspects of your infrastructure, work with your key stakeholders to identify needs and opportunities, document findings, and recommend next steps. At the end, you will be optimally positioned for ongoing success with Helix Core.

If you need assistance implementing recommendations, this review gives our consultants a jump-start. We can engage quickly to assist.


9. Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Engage with the pros from Perforce to dive into the root cause of issues that may be causing Helix Core server delays, database and journal corruption, crashes, or other issues in your environment.

This is much more than troubleshooting provided in your standard Support contract. Through a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) project, we will work closely with you to explore and uncover the core reasons for your issues.

  • We offer convenient pre-paid packages for 1 and 5 RCAs as a supplement to your Support plan — and at a discount off our hourly consulting rate.


10. Training

Through our training courses, Perforce experts help you take advantage of the powerful features and functionality in your software. They can also help you build and refine your organization’s own knowledge and expertise.

We provide user and admin training at both basic and advanced levels. Need something custom? No problem. Our teams can create courses tailored to your specific needs or environment.


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