Standard Packages

Quick Start Implementation

Our implementation team will ensure your new software is installed and configured optimally, providing existing server installation audits to ensure your system will perform at scale. Although Perforce can be installed out-of-the-box, our consultants will expertly configure Helix to your specific environment and your specific file types, which will maximize server performance immediately. 

Perforce consultants will set up a series of scripts to automate checkpoint and validation processes to help secure system intellectual property. Our experts will also work to automate multistep processes to save administrator time; we’ll help implement optimal security to prevent unauthorized access to your data; and consultants will install triggers to help integrate Perforce with enterprise best practices in mind. 

These are important tasks that if done incorrectly can cause major system headaches down the road. Our script automation protects your system against that risk. 

Advanced Implementation

Our advanced implementation includes all the configurations found in our Quick Start option but goes even further to support your environment. 

Our consultants will integrate Helix VCS into your authentication servers and ensure your intellectual property is protected through a Disaster Recovery (DR) process including backup servers. Our experts will install scripts that can quickly and painlessly recover IP in the case of lost data. 

Enterprise Implementation

Perforce Enterprise Implementation is perfect for large-scale installations and configurations across your multi-server environments, specifically where many variables apply to system performance and must be optimized seamlessly. 

This option includes configurations from both the Quick Start and Advanced implementations, including server audits and automated checkpoint setup, as well as server architecture and proxy optimization, and managing replicas for your globally distributed workforce. 

The enterprise implementation is designed to provide a system capable of working at any scale, with Helix VCS effectively managing heavier workloads as projects and personnel pools grow. 

Custom Implementation

Cloud Implementation

Our consultants are ready to review your needs and help you build the optimum solution for your enterprise. We can setup your Helix Core server(s) in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform environments. You can combine a cloud setup with our quick start, advanced, enterprise, or custom installations. Cloud implementation is purchased using our pay-as-you-go model to offer you maximum flexibility. Not sure if the cloud is right for your enterprise? Our team is ready to review your current environment, business objects, development processes, and more in order to make the right recommendation for your organization.

Performance Tuning Assessment

A Consultant will analyze the current deployment infrastructure and usage of Perforce, as well as related software development processes. They will become familiar with the environment, business objectives, and constraints, and then make recommendations in line with best practices and long-term scalability.

The Consultant interacts with Perforce Administrators, IT staff, and various “power users.” Your consultant will review usage patterns from discussions as well as hard data like server logs. They will also engage in a discovery process to determine likely causes and resolutions of performance issues experienced by users.

Best Practices Audit and Assessment

A Consultant will analyze the current deployment and usage of Perforce, as well as related software development processes. Consultant will become familiar with the environment and make recommendations in line with best practices.

Consultant will interact with various identified “power users.” Part of the interaction will include a discussion around the “Perforce Directory Standard” (PDS) that promotes best practices parallel development, branching strategies, and managing the flow of change. The PDS addresses topics such as:

  • Mapping and communicating the flow of change
  • Optimizing code reuse
  • Minimizing duplication of redundant changes
  • Streamlining the mechanics of branching and merging operations

Perforce Security Audit

A Consultant will analyze the current deployment infrastructure and usage of Perforce, with emphasis on security lapses. Consultant will become familiar with the environment, business objectives, and constraints, and then make recommendations in line with best practices for securing Perforce.

A security audit can be focused or general, depending on your goals. Assessments are inherently exploratory, and can also be partially directed.

Component-Based Development Consulting

Component-Based Development (CBD) processes enable assembly of sophisticated software products from various component versions. Doing so requires sophisticated workflows that leverage many Perforce features. Leverage our Consultants’ experience to build sophisticated CBD processes.

CBD Consulting may involve:

  • Reviewing CBD implementations
  • Defining how to version component definitions, including dependencies
  • Defining how to manage configuration changes (like changes to component versions) separately from code changes
  • Binding workspace views to component definitions

Perforce features have improved in recent years, such that “out of the box” functionality works for some environments. Other environments are supplemented by custom solutions. Still others use sophisticated solutions from Perforce technology partners, such as Methodics. Regardless, Perforce Consulting can help you evaluate your options and implement a solution.

More information about Component-Based Development Consulting can be found here.

Legacy SCM Systems Migrations

Consultants routinely help customers migrate to Perforce from a wide variety of legacy SCM systems.

If you need to replace a SCM system for a single team, or establish Perforce as your corporate standard across multiple business units, we help ensure your migration goes smoothly. Migrations are an area where the value of Consulting experience and our “been there, done that” story is particularly compelling.

Legacy SCM migration projects commonly include:

  • Standard Starter Pack
  • Exploring migration strategy options, which vary per your legacy system
  • Historical data migration (using detailed history import tools or baseline and branch import techniques)
  • Retooling build and release process automation
  • Porting systems integrations with defect trackers, workflow management systems, etc
  • Helping end users evaluate desktop tooling impact, such as IDE integrations
  • Project planning and management support

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Consultants help design and implement High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions for Perforce Helix and an entire ecosystem.

An effective HA/DR solution built on the Server Deployment Package will save you valuable time and money if a hardware failure strikes. One customer in the online travel industry calculated that the HA/DR solution we designed for them saved an estimated $900,000 in prevented down time.

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