Helix ALM User Training

For: Beginners 

Duration: 4 Hours 

Helix ALM user training is for users with varying technical skills, and includes: 

  • Issue management training 
  • Test management training 
  • Requirements management training 
  • Adding and editing items 
  • Finding and organizing items 
  • Linking items 
  • Moving items through the workflow 
  • Creating and editing filters and reports 
  • Enforcing traceability 
  • Running tests 
  • Document control and changes 
  • Creating reports 
  • Customizing the interface 
  • Personalizing Helix ALM to accommodate the way you work 

After completing this course, you will be able to serve as a Helix ALM champion for your team. 

Helix ALM Administrator Training

For: Power Users

Duration: 1 Day

This training is for team leaders responsible for the day-to-day Helix ALM configuration and management. This course covers:

  • Installation, including available components to install
  • Managing users and licenses with the Helix ALM License Server
  • Getting familiar with server-level options available in the Helix ALM Server Admin Utility
  • Creating new projects for team
  • Providing users access to projects
  • Backup and recovery best practices
  • Review of the administrative options available in Helix ALM
  • Configuring Helix ALM to support a team’s process, including (but not limited to) creating custom fields and relationships, configuring workflows, automating processes, linking artifacts for traceability, and creating reports

After completing this course, you will be able to initially configure a project, make changes to a project as needed, and extend more advanced Helix ALM capabilities to your users.

Helix ALM Quick Start Implementation

For: Beginners 

Duration: 4 Hours 

Our implementation team will ensure your new software is installed and configured optimally, providing existing server installation audits to ensure your system will perform at scale. Although Helix ALM can be installed out-of-the-box, our consultants will expertly configure your instance to your specific environment, which will maximize server performance immediately. 

Helix ALM Advanced Implementation

For: Beginners 

Duration: 4 Days 

Our advanced implementation includes our Quick Start option, but goes even further to support your environment and your team’s specific requirements. 

Our ALM consultants will spend time with your team to understand your specific needs and align your Helix ALM implementation to best suit your process and business needs. 

We can also assist with the configuration of Helix ALM for highly regulated industries to make sure you get the most out of the compliance features built into Helix ALM. 

Helix ALM Migration Services

Perforce consultants routinely help customers migrate to Helix ALM from a wide variety of systems. If you need to replace your test management, issue tracking, or requirements management solution for a single team, or establish Helix ALM as your corporate standard across multiple business units, we help ensure your migration goes smoothly. 

Migration projects commonly include: 

  • Exploring migration strategy options, which vary per your legacy system 
  • Historical data migration 
  • Retooling for automation 
  • Porting systems integrations with defect trackers, workflow management systems, etc. 
  • Project planning and management support 

Migration examples: 

  • Bugzilla 
  • Excel or XML imports 
  • FogBugz 
  • HP ALM / HP QC 
  • JIRA 
  • PVCS 
  • QA Symphony 
  • Rally 
  • Ranorex 
  • Siebel 
  • SpiraTest 
  • TestTracker 
  • TFS / MTM 
  • Trac 

Helix ALM Integration Services

Integrating your existing business tools with Perforce solutions is a great way to save time and reduce errors by simplifying the exchange of data between departments and business units. Whether you want to create issues from help desk tickets, publish your team’s metrics through SharePoint, or extend the capabilities of your Perforce solutions to tie more closely into your existing environment, our Professional Services team can help. 

After we review your business applications and discuss the benefits you will gain by integrating tools, we will work with you to: 

  • Define requirements and develop a functional design specification that outlines what we will deliver to meet those requirements 
  • Provide a formal quote and delivery timeline, ensuring there are no surprises 
  • Schedule user acceptance testing in your environment to ensure the application meets your requirements 
  • Deploy the application in your production environment and answer any questions you may have 

At the end of the project, you will receive detailed documentation that includes how to install, configure, and maintain the application, as well as any source code or other deliverables produced during the project.

Helix ALM Tune Up

For: Existing Customers 

Duration: 2 Days 

Whether your Helix ALM projects have grown, you’ve added users, your processes have evolved, or you’ve just fallen a few versions behind, it’s time to schedule a tune-up with Perforce Professional Services. During this fixed price, two-day engagement, Perforce consultants will work with you to define your requirements and assist you in configuring Helix ALM to best support your team. This includes: 

  • Software upgrades 
  • Performance tuning 
  • Workflow optimization 
  • Process automation 

Surround SCM Administrator Training

During this class you will learn how to create users and security groups, configure server options and the workflow, create custom fields, manage branches, and generate reports with Surround SCM.


  • Creating repositories
  • Adding files
  • Checking out and editing files
  • Checking in files and merging changes
  • Sharing files
  • Creating email notifications
  • Promoting and rebasing changes
  • Managing branches
  • Adding custom fields
  • Configuring the workflow
  • Searching for files
  • Generating reports
  • Creating triggers
  • Managing users and security groups
  • Configuring server options
  • Performing code reviews

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Surround SCM User Training

During this class you will learn how to create and manage repositories, work with files, manage changes, and generate reports with Surround SCM.


  • Creating repositories
  • Adding files to Surround SCM
  • Checking out and editing files
  • Checking in files and merging changes
  • Sharing files
  • Creating email notifications
  • Creating branches
  • Promoting and rebasing changes
  • Generating reports
  • Performing code reviews

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