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Perforce offers the following enterprise software development tools.

How Perforce Enterprise Software Development Tools Help You

Plan Your Project and Requirements

 Simplify end-to-end traceability for faster development and easier compliance. With requirements, tests, and issues managed in one platform, Helix ALM automatically builds relationships between development artifacts to provide upstream and downstream traceability. See how changes will impact development before they’re made. And keep your teams on the same page with a single source of truth.

Whether you’re a small team or an enterprise needing to scale, Helix Plan (formerly Hansoft) lets you plan efficiently. It fully supports the methodology you use, be it Agile, Waterfall, or hybrid. So, you can mix Scrum, Kanban, and Gantt charts as your teams prefer. Product owners can plan and refine backlogs quickly. And dashboard reports give you what you need to see progress at a glance.

Plus, you can diagram your project and plan using Gliffy.

Create a Unified BoM For Hardware and Software Design

Software teams often trail their hardware counterparts by weeks or months. Helix IPLM helps you create a unified bill of materials (BoM) for hardware and software design, to keep everyone on the same page.

This single source of truth for the project's BoM ensures quality through centralized management of IP integration rules and checkpoints. For example, you can define which range of hardware IP versions a software component is compatible with. So, if a hardware team upgrades, Helix IPLM will flag a compatibility mismatch. 

Definitional hierarchies enable project planners to specify the high-level plan for a project and select which software components can — and should — be included in the project.

Develop Your Software

Software development moves faster when your team is working in Helix Core, version control from Perforce. Helix Core can handle everything — from source code to digital assets and from 10s of 1,000s of users to petabytes of data. Plus, Perforce Streams — branching in Helix Core — helps you automate workflows. You’ll spend less time dealing with tools and processes and more time delivering value.

Build better Java applications faster with JRebel and XRebel. JRebel accelerates Java development by skipping rebuilds and redeploys, allowing developers to view code changes in real time while preserving application state.  XRebel makes it easy to find and fix performance issues, empowering developers to build better applications.

And, if you’re developing HPC applications, you can use TotalView to debug in C, C++, Fortran, and Python.

Enforce Coding Standards

 Ensuring that code is safe, secure, and reliable can be a difficult and time-consuming task in enterprise software development. However, by applying a coding standard, it makes the process easier. A static analyzer — like Helix QAC or Klocwork — is the most efficient and effective way to enforce coding standards.
Both Helix QAC and Klocwork check code against a standard — like MISRA or CERT —  to help ensure the overall quality of the code. In addition, their automated analysis identifies vulnerabilities and errors as code is being written — this helps to identify and eliminate defects earlier in software development.

Test Continuously

The mobile and web app space grows increasingly fragmented. Yet teams still need to ensure that their apps work flawlessly across different devices, OSes, browsers, and more. An end-to-end continuous testing platform like Perfecto can help you extend test coverage for fewer escaped defects and scaled test automation.

Organizations that lack the technical resources to enter the world of test automation are taking advantage of codeless technology, such as TestCraft. With visual test creation boosted by AI, TestCraft makes it possible for anyone to create stable test automation for web and mobile-web applications.

Manage APIs

Akana provides a security-focused, multicloud, full lifecycle API management solution for designing, securing, publishing, and managing APIs.

With built-in lifecycle management, Akana enables collaboration between businesses and developers. Automation within the platform enables higher quality, adherence to standards, and faster time to market for APIs at the heart of all digital transformation initiatives.

Support Open Source Tools

Open source software is increasingly used in mission critical applications. Unfortunately, juggling support contracts for multiple open source technologies can be time-consuming and expensive.

OpenLogic by Perforce solves that dilemma with streamlined and dependable support for 100s of the most popular open source technologies. This allows teams to skip the automated responses, call routing, and finger pointing when something goes wrong – regardless of the open source software being used.

For those working in PHP, Zend by Perforce offers long-term support for Laminas (previously Zend Framework), as well as secure and supported PHP runtimes built for the enterprise.

And More…

Perforce offers additional solutions to help streamline development and increase ROI, including:

  • IMSL numerical libraries in C, C++, Fortran, Java, and Python.
  • SourcePro complete C++ library for highly portable applications.
  • HostAccess for PC-based terminal emulation.
  • HydraExpress for C++ application transformation.
  • PV-WAVE for visual data analysis.
  • Stingray for GUI development.
  • Visualization for graphical libraries in Java, C, and Flex.

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