Consulting Services — Key Benefits

Get to market even quicker

Accelerate your ROI with expert implementation options for any size organization.

Save critical time with expert assistance

Partner with us to integrate, migrate, or overcome challenges and barriers to success.

Ensure ongoing, long-term success at scale

Trust our pros to implement best practices, enhancing your workflows and methodology.

Menu of Consulting Services

1. Migrations

Tap into the expertise of our Professional Services team for a convenient and seamless way to move your bulk data from other point solutions into Helix IPLM. We tailor our services and scripting to your unique environment, and you can be confident we’ll make it a smooth and efficient migration experience from start to finish.


2. Implementation Packages

Helix IPLM and Helix Core (Perforce’s data management tool) work together as a powerful design data management (DM) solution. We get you up and running quickly on both platforms through a Helix IPLM implementation package.

We offer Quick Start, Enterprise, and Custom implementation options to meet the needs of any size organization. We’ll install and configure your environment for optimal performance — and you can rest assured it will perform at scale, now and in the future.

3. Integrations

Connecting Helix IPLM with other systems and tools in your environment unlocks the power and full potential of your platform.

Work with our experts to integrate Helix IPLM into a range of engineering systems — including requirements management systems, issue and defect systems, project management and PLM systems, continuous integration systems like Jenkins, and more. We also can help you document DM systems that need to be integrated into the platform (Git, Clearcase, DesignSync, ClioSoft, legacy systems) or even integrate your data into PiCache for performance benefits.

4. Infrastructure Assessments

Engage with our consultants on a comprehensive infrastructure assessment. We’ll complete a thorough review of your environment and provide detailed recommendations to ensure your infrastructure is optimally configured to support Helix IPLM — everything from your hardware and computing environment to high availability and capacity planning, resource planning, network support, and distributed worldwide deployment.

5. Workflow and Methodology Consulting

Are you implementing and adhering to the most effective and efficient methodology to reuse and manage your IP? Through a Workflow and Methodology consulting engagement, we advise you on best practices based on the knowledge we’ve accumulated helping clients in real-world environments. We can help you modify your existing workflows or create entirely new optimized workflows based on your requirements. The result? Enhanced processes, a well-defined methodology, and faster time to value.


6. Business Value Assessment (BVA)

We can help you find and quantify where you will benefit most from an IPLM solution. Together with a formal technical evaluation, a BVA can help you make the business and financial case for Helix IPLM and provide you with a roadmap of the metrics to be measured to determine overall value.

7. Community Management Resource (CMR)

You may benefit most from having a dedicated, qualified Helix IPLM engineering resource to serve as a true subject matter expert.

Your CMR will understand your workflow needs and help your design teams make the right decisions to set up your local environments — ensuring your users have the training and knowledge required to take full advantage of IP lifecycle management, IP-centric design practices, and IP reuse goals.

Request Consulting Services from Perforce

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