Your Git Code Review Tool That Keeps All Your Repos in One Space

Helix TeamHub empowers individuals, small teams, and even enterprise development organizations to collaborate more quickly on projects that span multiple repos and repository types:

  • Source Code Repos: Git, SVN, Mercurial
  • Docker Registries
  • Build Artifacts: Maven, Ivy
  • Docs, HTML, Images: WebDAV


Helix TeamHub is the preeminent Git code review tool and source code repository

A Scalable and Intuitive Source Code Repository Tool to Manage Git, Mercurial, and SVN

Instead of jumping between tools and scrambling to bring it all together, teams see all of their projects and repositories in one simple, intuitive interface with Helix TeamHub.


Seamless Collaboration

With simple, merge request code review, Kanban boards, and Wikis, collaborating across single or multi-repo projects has never been easier.

Flexible Developer Workflows

Helix TeamHub offers side-by-side diffs, commit history, code browsing, code comparison, code search, highlighting, and much more.

Self-Service Project Administration

With support for single sign-on (SSO), Active Directory nested groups, and self-service project administration, your project admins can quickly add users and set fine-grained permissions — without waiting for IT.

Include Your Build Artifacts

Manage your build artifacts with source code under one platform. Helix TeamHub supports Maven and Ivy build artifact repositories, Docker container registries and more to come!



Already using Jira, Slack, or Jenkins? Helix TeamHub integrates with over 75 of the most popular developer tools. Our out-of-the-box integration with Jenkins provides a streamlined CI/CD platform to automate and manage your product release cycles.

Cloud or On-Premises Options

Spinning up your TeamHub account takes only seconds on our cloud. For large teams, Helix TeamHub Enterprise is your on-premise option for satisfying compliance or security requirements.

Simple Code Reviews Tools

Git merge requests are easy and efficient in Helix TeamHub. You can conduct extensive code reviews by commenting on code changes line by line, highlighting specific issues to team members with @mentions, or by starting a threaded conversation. You can also mark a review comment as a task that the author has to address before the changes can be merged.

Project admins can set up feature-branch workflows and quality gates to block changes that are not approved by team members and connect automated builds to give second approval. Administrators can also define the number of reviews required and a successful build result before changes can be merged. And if the acceptance checklist is stalling progress, admins can force merge the changes regardless of what state the review is in.

Helix TeamHub is a scalable Git code review tool for teams of all sizes

Agile Issue Tracking

Track your team’s progress in milestones with our flexible, easy-to-use issue tracker. Use either the list view or Kanban board with easy filter options for a customized “at-a-glance view.” Drag-and-drop to change states or go in-depth to comment and update individual issues.

Already using Jira or another collaboration tool? Helix TeamHub integrates with the most popular developer tools.

Agile Issue Tracking with Helix TeamHub

Project-Based Wiki

Need a place for developer documentation, project notes, and other information sharing that’s just for your team or project? With Helix TeamHub, you can keep everything in the same place as your source code and other assets.

Store project-specific documentation in our stunning Git-powered Wiki, with support for markdown syntax. Link information together, and edit documentation with ease. With the Wiki, it’s also easy to:

  • Add unlimited users and unlimited projects.
  • See changes in real time with the side-by-side editor.
  • Look through versions to find the right data.
  • Add attachments and use the markdown syntax to present pictures and charts in the text.
  • Manage large projects with ease.

Build Artifacts and Other Binaries

Manage and maintain all your software assets, including build artifacts, under one platform. Create repositories with a couple of clicks, manage their access rights and use any of the build tools you are comfortable with.

Helix TeamHub supports Maven and Ivy artifact repositories and Docker container registries.

For other binary files, Helix TeamHub offers private file sharing through WebDAV repositories. WebDAV can be used like network share in Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.

Code repository tools such as Helix TeamHub manage build artifacts and other binary files

Repository and Branch-Level Authorization

Helix TeamHub’s repository and branch-level authorization includes six specific roles and eight privilege levels to keep your projects and code secure.

Use regular user accounts and groups to manage permissions. Safely invite external clients and contractors with limited-visibility collaborator accounts, and avoid using personal credentials in external tools with Helix TeamHub programmatic bot accounts that have no access to UI.


Code repository tools like Helix TeamHub offer robust repository and branch-level authorization

On-Premises Git Code Review Tool and Collaboration Software at Enterprise Scale

Helix TeamHub Enterprise is our on-premises deployment option that helps you accelerate and simplify your build process from Git repos without additional tooling or complexity.

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