Source Code Repository Hosting

Your code repository software is where you store your source code. This might be a Mercurial, Git, or SVN repository.

Helix TeamHub can host your source code repository, whether it’s Mercurial, Git, or SVN. You can add multiple repositories in one project — or create a separate project for each repository.

Mercurial Code Repository

Host your Mercurial code repositories.

Mercurial Hosting

Git Code Repository

Host your Git code repositories.

Git Hosting

SVN Code Repository

Host your SVN code repositories.

SVN Hosting

Host Container & Artifact Repositories

Helix TeamHub can host more than your code repositories. You can manage and maintain all of your software assets in one spot.

This includes build artifacts (Maven, Ivy) and Docker container registries. It also includes private file sharing through WebDAV repositories for your other binary files.


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Bring Your Repos Together With Perforce Version Control

You can use Helix TeamHub on its own or alongside Helix Core to maintain a single source of truth across development teams via Helix4Git. For example, you can keep large binary files in Helix Core, then combine those files with Git assets from Helix TeamHub in a hybrid workspace to achieve high build performance. 

How It Works For Git Teams

  1. Developers use Git, hosted in Helix TeamHub.
  2. They can commit changes, then collaborate and do code reviews in Helix TeamHub.
  3. Git code (from Helix TeamHub) gets combined with all of your graphics, audio, video, 3D, AR/VR, and other assets (from Helix Core) via Helix4Git into your preferred build runner.
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Helix4Git — Git Server

Helix4Git is a high-performance Git server (inside a Perforce server). Learn more >>

Helix Core — Version Control

Helix Core is the best version control software for world-class development at scale. Not using Helix Core yet? Learn more >>

Execute Git Commands Across Repos

Do you have multiple repos? Now you do more with less commands using our Helix TeamHub Command-Line Client.


Code Repository Software Features

Helix TeamHub improves collaboration for all teams — from nimble start-ups to large global teams.


Single Source of Truth

Helix TeamHub creates a single source of truth across your repositories. It scales to handle terabytes of total data. It can support 1,000s of concurrent users. And it can unite global teams with advanced replication when used with Helix4Git. This makes it easy to collaborate across projects.

Flexible Workflows

Helix TeamHub’s workflows are flexible and can adapt to your team. Admins can set up feature-branch workflows and quality gates to block changes that are not approved by team members. And developers can use side-by-side diffs, commit history, code browsing, code comparison, code search, and highlighting to work more efficiently.


Code Reviews

You can use Helix TeamHub to collaborate on code reviews. Comment on code changes line by line. Highlight specific issues to team members with @ mentions. Start a threaded conversation. Mark a comment as a task that needs to be addressed before merging atomically. You can even do multi-repo code reviews when you use Helix TeamHub with Helix4Git.

Access Control

Helix TeamHub supports single sign-on (SSO), Active Directory nested groups, and self-service project administration. You can authorize users on the repository and branch level. This includes 5 specific roles and 10 privilege levels to keep your projects and code secure. You can use regular user accounts and groups to manage permissions.


Wiki and Kanban Boards

Use Helix TeamHub’s built-in project-based wiki to keep documentation and project notes in the same place as your source code. And use Kanban boards with easy filter options for a customized “at-a-glance view.” Drag-and-drop to change states or go in-depth to comment and update individual issues. The wiki and Kanban boards make it easy to see changes in real-time, look through versions to find the right data, and add attachments.



Helix TeamHub integrates with over 75 of the most popular developer tools. This includes Jira, Slack, and Jenkins.

Scale Helix TeamHub to Fit Your Needs

It Starts Free For 5 Users and 1GB

Helix TeamHub is available in the cloud or on-premises. Helix TeamHub’s cloud pricing is based on users and storage. Helix TeamHub Enterprise is the on-premises option that comes with additional functionality (including Helix4Git), in addition to your user and storage preferences.

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