What’s New in Helix TeamHub 2017.2

With the 2017.2 release, Helix TeamHub continues to deliver Git at Scale for enhanced developer collaboration and unprecedented CI/CD performance.


Helix TeamHub 2017.2 Expanded Diffs

Deploy Helix TeamHub Enterprise On-Premises

Helix TeamHub 2017.2 now offers an on-premises installation package for enterprises who need instant scale and high-performance CI/CD. Powered by Helix4Git, TeamHub Enterprise leverages Helix versioning engine to store Git data natively so that enterprise teams can deploy Git at massive scale.

Expandable Diffs

Helix TeamHub now supports the ability to expand diffs as far out as you need in all diff views to gain added context when your team members make code changes. Expandable diffs also increase workflow efficiency, eliminating the need to jump between the command line and Helix TeamHub web UI.

Control Diff Limits

Available in Helix TeamHub Enterprise only.

Certain changesets can be extremely large. To optimize performance when working with diffs and code reviews, Helix TeamHub comes with predefined limitations on diff limits and portions of that diff are not displayed. In Helix TeamHub Enterprise 2017.2, you can configure fine-grained limits for your changesets using the “hth.json” configuration file. Configure limits for maximum number of files, number of lines, size of the file in a diff, and timeout for generating the diff.

Code Review Listing Improvements

Glean more meaningful and actionable information about your code reviews. Helix TeamHub 2017.2 now shows the number of approvals, build status, and reviewers assigned to code reviews. With this information at your fingertips, you’ll know at a glance what state your review is in.

Support for LargeFiles in Mercurial repositories

Storing large binary files to Mercurial and Git repositories is painful. That’s why Git and Mercurial each have alternative ways to store them. In Mercurial, one such alternative is LargeFiles, a native extension that is delivered with Mercurial, but needs to be enabled separately. You can enable the LargeFiles extension for Mercurial repositories in TeamHub 2017.2.

Support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Available in Helix TeamHub Enterprise only.

Helix TeamHub 2017.2 now supports Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Helix TeamHub 2017.2 no longer supports Ubuntu 12.

Builds from Replicas/Edges

Available in Helix TeamHub Enterprise only.

It is now possible to use Perforce Helix federated architecture with Helix4Git to build/sync Git repositories from edge servers, or replicas at remote locations, at LAN speed without putting any operational load on the master server or negatively impacting developer productivity.

The result is faster Continuous Integration (CI) feedback on build results for complex projects that span multiple Git repos.

Remote Site Warm, Always Up-to-Date Git Cache

Available in Helix TeamHub Enterprise only.

The new gconn poll-repos command will sync down any updates to a list of repos mentioned in the "ExternalAddress" field of the Helix TeamHub-Helix4Git server spec. Run the command manually or as a cron-job to keep repos updated with any new changes in the central server, resulting in faster clones and fetches from remote locations.

Additional Enhancements

You can now configure your webhook content type via dropdown menu instead of a text field. The layout selection for listing issues is now preserved in browser localStorage. Additionally, you can create relative links to the Helix TeamHub instance in question using Markdown syntax.

What’s New in Helix TeamHub 2017.1

Helix TeamHub 2017.1 unites repositories and streamlines enterprise code review and collaboration on a single platform.


Set Default Reviewers for Your Code Reviews

Helix TeamHub 2017.1 makes it possible to set default reviewers in Git and Mercurial repositories. Adding default reviewers allow you to streamline your review workflow by automatically assigning the correct team members when new reviews arise. Designated reviewers see code reviews they’ve been assigned from the dashboard upon login.

Filter Your Code Reviews by Assignee

Find the right code review right away. Conveniently filter your or someone else’s code reviews without opening each review and seeing who has been assigned as a reviewer.While other repository management solutions are repo-centric, TeamHub is project focused and supports managing multiple repositories within a single project.

Updated Backend

Important backend upgrades provide greater security and increased performance while also setting Helix TeamHub up for exciting additions in the future. Notably, Helix TeamHub no longer requires a custom-built OpenSSH package.With a modern, intuitive user interface, TeamHub helps teams manage all their projects in a unified view, whether in the Cloud or on-premises.

Last but Not Least

This release boasts several smaller enhancements to enable smoother browsing in projects, Wikis, and issue listings.TeamHub offers hundreds of ready-made webhooks and integrations out-of-the-box, as well as developer freedom to design your own integrations with 100% public API coverage.