Helix TeamHub Enterprise

On-premises, multi-repo management platform with developer collaboration tools, including code review, wiki, and issue tracking. Powered by Helix4Git for high-performance builds and automatic mirroring of Git repos.  

Helix TeamHub Enterprise requires a license key for use.  Please contact Sales if you need to purchase one or if your existing key has expired.

Select the Helix TeamHub configuration of your choice for installation instructions and downloads:

Standalone  |  High-availability

  • Plugins, APIs & Utilities

    These tools extend your Helix environment by connecting to additional development tools.

    Helix4Git - Git Connector Component

    Helix4Git consists of Helix Versioning Engine with the Git Connector that communicates with native Git clients and mirrors Git repos into Helix.

    Helix TeamHub LDAP Sync App

    Allows integration with your corporate LDAP directory.