Your On-Premises Solution for Continuous Integration With Git

Helix TeamHub Enterprise is the on-premises deployment option bringing unprecedented performance, instant scale, and complete control over your source code and build artifact repositories.

Powered by Helix4Git, TeamHub Enterprise gives DevOps and developer teams the fastest achievable build performance over any other Git solution.


Helix4Git and Helix TeamHub are the ultimate tools for Git because they promote multiple Git repositories in one project

What's the Secret to Git at Scale?

With the development of Helix4Git, Perforce engineers created a new depot type that allows the legendary Helix Versioning Engine to store Git data natively. This empowers developer teams to continue using Git at massive scale.

As your projects grow — adding repos and developers — Helix4Git helps you scale easily with faster builds across globally distributed teams. Even better, Helix4Git is easy to implement without changing your existing toolset.

To validate the performance of Helix TeamHub Enterprise in an environment that contains multiple Git repositories in one project, Perforce engineers compared Helix TeamHub against a standalone Git server. The result: Helix TeamHub Enterprise improved fetching performance by more than three times.

Helix4Git is helping teams of all sizes achieve continuous integration Git

Scale Your Git Environments With Multiple Git Repositories in One Project

Faster than other Git solutions — guaranteed.

40-80% Faster Builds

Our well-known p4 commands retrieve content for your build environments 40-80% faster than other solutions with native Git commands. Close the feedback loop to developers more quickly.

Smart Mirroring

With TeamHub, mirrored servers always check the master before users pull changes, which means everyone on your team is guaranteed to have the latest version.


Multi-Repo Visibility

Get a single view and centralized management of all your source code available around the globe. Stay organized and productive with end-to-end visibility of your repos and projects.


Integrated for Streamlined Release

Out-of-the-box integration with Jenkins provides a streamlined CI/CD platform to automate and manage your product release cycles.

Standalone or with Helix Core

Manage large binary files and other mixed assets under one platform by using TeamHub Enterprise with Helix Core. Build mixed asset projects faster with our federated architecture.

Git Client of Choice

Use Git in your preferred way, whether via the Git command line interface or popular Git visual clients and IDEs, such as GitKraken, Tower, Xcode, Eclipse, Visual Studio, and more.


Git at Global Scale

Helix4Git leverages the benefits of our federated architecture to ensure globally distributed teams can pull, sync, and commit changes as fast as their on-site counterparts


Support for Docker Container Registries

Create a Docker registry to store your images and then manage its content alongside your code and build artifacts – all under one platform. And when it comes time to build, push the container registry through the development pipeline using your favorite CI/CD tool.


Administer Git Repos From Web UI

Create, browse, and manage permissions for Git repositories directly from Helix TeamHub. Engage in collaborative Git code review workflows and manage hooks to connect Git repositories to the software development pipeline.

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