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1-5 users



1GB per seat

6+ users



5GB per seat

6+ users

Best Performance for Git



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Feature     Free     StandardPremiumEnterprise
Multi-VCS Support (Git, SVN, Mercurial, etc.)
Code Browser
Issue Tracking and Wiki
Code Review (Git, Mercurial)
Self-Service Project Administration
SSO (SAML 2.0)
Repo and Branch Level Authorization
Code Search (Git, Mercurial)
Collaborator Accounts
Integrations and API Access
Command-Line Client (hth-cli) for Git
Email Support
High Availability and Disaster Recovery
High-Performance Builds With Helix4Git
Multi-Repo Code Reviews With Helix4Git

Execute Git Commands Across Repos

Do you have multiple repos? Now you do more with less commands using our Helix TeamHub Command-Line Client.


Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help.

What are the plan seats?

Seats are individual accounts who use Helix TeamHub in one way or another, be it your developers, project managers, designers, or anyone else who logs in to the platform. This includes collaborator accounts. Bot accounts do not count against plan seats, however.

How do I change my plan or number of seats?

Contact Sales to change your plan or number of seats.

Does the license include rights to the source code?

No, licenses only cover the use of Helix TeamHub. Modification and redistribution are not allowed.

Are there any limitations of the hth-cli tool based on my plan?

The Free, Standard, and Premium plans have a built-in limitation of 1 active cli session per 5 Helix TeamHub users. For example, if you are on the free plan, there is a hard limit of 5 users. At most you can have 1 active session of the hth-cli at a given time. The more users you have, the more active sessions are allowed. Helix TeamHub Enterprise has no hth-cli usage restrictions.

How is Helix TeamHub licensed?

Helix TeamHub is licensed as a subscription model on an annual basis. Access to all updates and upgrades are included in every package.

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