Set Helix Server or proxy trace options.

Usage Notes

Used by Client? Used by Server? Command-Line Alternative Can be set in P4CONFIG file?





Value if not Explicitly Set

Operating System Value


server=1 is the default setting.


See Using P4LOG in Helix Core Server Administrator Guide.


To disable logging, set P4DEBUG to server=0.

The proxy does not set debugging by default.

The best practice for setting trace options for the Helix Server on all platforms is to use p4 configure set and p4 configure unset. These alter the trace options without stopping the server. For example, p4 configure set server=3 and p4 configure unset server.

For the proxy, the options can be set on the command line and in P4DEBUG.

Setting server debug levels on a Helix Server (p4d) by using P4DEBUG has no effect on the debug level of:

  • Helix Proxy (p4p) processes

  • downstream replicas or edge servers


Helix Server or proxies as services running Windows do not support setting options on the command line. However, administrators at Windows sites can use p4 set to set the trace options within P4DEBUG, allowing the service to run with the options enabled.