Keyword Expansion

RCS keywords are expanded as follows:

Keyword Expands To Example


File name and revision number in depot syntax.

$Id: //depot/path/file.txt#3 $


Synonymous with $Id$.

$Header: //depot/path/file.txt#3 $


Date of last submission in format YYYY/MM/DD.

$Date: 2010/08/18 $


Date and time of last submission in format YYYY/MM/DDhh:mm:ss.

Date and time are as of the local time on the Perforce service at time of submission.

$DateTime: 2010/08/18 23:17:02 $


Perforce changelist number under which file was submitted.

$Change: 439 $


File name only, in depot syntax (without revision number).

$File: //depot/path/file.txt $


Perforce revision number.

$Revision: #3 $


Perforce user submitting the file.

$Author: edk $