p4 depots

Display a list of depots known to the Helix server.

Syntax conventions

p4 [g-opts] depots [[-e | -E] nameFilter] -t type]


Display a list of depots.


The list excludes the default graph depotClosed A depot of type graph that is used to store Git repos in the Helix server. See also Helix4Git and classic depot. named repo unless you use the command, p4 depot -t graph

If a depot is excluded in the protections table for a given user, that user does not see the depot in the output of this command.

Operator users can run this command. (To learn about operator users, see the p4 user usage notes.)


-e nameFilter

Lists depot specs with a name that matches the nameFilter pattern.

p4 depots -e h*x*

finds depots with names like helix and hxadm

This option follows the case-sensitivity of the server.

-E nameFilter

Makes the matching case-insensitive, even on a case-sensitive server.

-t type

List only the depots of the specified type


See Global options.

Usage Notes

Can File Arguments Use Revision Specifier? Can File Arguments Use Revision Range? Minimal Access Level Required





To list the depots of all types:

p4 depots

The output might be similar to the following:

Depot archive 2017/12/23 archive archive/... 'Created by bruno. '
Depot depot 2018/05/27 local depot/... 'Default depot '

To list the depots of a specific type, use the -t option. For example:

p4 depots -t remote
p4 depots -t local
p4 depots -t stream
p4 depots -t spec
p4 depots -t archive
p4 depots -t graph

Related Commands

To create a remote depot or a new local depot

p4 depot

To remove all traces of a file from a depot

p4 obliterate