p4 files

Provide information about files in the depot without accessing their contents.


p4 [g-opts] files [-a -A -e] [-i][-m max] [[FileSpec][revSpec]]
p4 [g-opts] files -U unloadFileSpec


This command lists each file that matches the file patterns provided as arguments. If a revision specifier is given, the files are described at the given revision. One file is listed per line, and the format of each line is:

depot-file-location#rev - action change changelist (filetype)


  • depot-file-location is the file’s location relative to the top of the depot,
  • rev is the revision number of the head revision of that file,
  • action is the action taken at the head revision: add, edit, delete, branch, move/add, move/delete, integrate, import, purge, or archive,
  • changelist is the number of the changelist in which the revision was submitted, and
  • filetype is the Helix server file type of this file at the head revision.

Unlike most Helix server commands, p4 files reports on any file in the depot. I t is not limited to only those files that are visible through the client view. If a file pattern on the command line is given in client syntax, only files in the client workspace are shown.



For each file, list all revisions within a specified revision range, rather than only the highest revision in the range.


Limit output to files in archive depots.


Exclude deleted, purged, or archived files; the files that remain are those available for syncing or integration.


Ignore the case of the file argument when listing files in a case sensitive server.

-m max

Limit output to the first max files.

-U unloadfile

List only files in the unload depot. See p4 unload for details.


See Global options.

Usage Notes

Can File Arguments Use Revision Specifier? Can File Arguments Use Revision Range? Minimal Access Level Required




  • The specified revision can be a revision range. In this case, only those files with revisions within the specified range are listed, and by default, only the highest revision in that range is listed. (To display information for all files within a revision range, use p4 files -a.)
  • Because the output of p4 files can be quite large when called with highly non-restrictive file arguments (for example, p4 files //depot/... prints information about all the files in the depot), it may be subject to a maxresults limitation as set in p4 group.


p4 files //depot/...

Provides information about all files in the depot.

p4 files //clientname/...

Provides information about all depot files visible through the client view.

p4 files -i //CLIENTName/...

Case-insensitive version of p4 files //clientname/...

p4 files @2011/03/10

Provides information about all depot file revisions that existed on March 10, 2011.

p4 files @2011/03/31:08:00,@2011/03/31:17:00

Lists all files and revisions changed during business hours on March 31, 2011.

p4 files //depot/proj2/[email protected]

Lists files and revisions under the directory //depot/proj2/... tagged by label p2lab.

p4 files //depot/file.c

Show information on the head revision of //depot/file.c. (that is, the highest revision in the implied range of #1,#head).

p4 files -a //depot/file.c

Show information on every revision of //depot/file.c (that is, all revisions in the implied range of #1,#head).

p4 files -A //arch/depot/proj/...

If an administrator has used p4 archive to transfer //depot/proj/... to an archive depot named arch, displays information about the files in the archived project.

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