p4 istat

Check for integrations needed for stream files and/or the stream spec.

Syntax conventions

p4 [g-opts] istat [[-As | -Af] [-a | -r ] [-c | -C] -s] stream


Check for integrations that are needed with respect to the parent stream. (Primarily for Helix server applications that check this status to render it in human-readable format.) Pending integrations are shown only if they are warranted by the stream's type and its fromParent or toParent options. (See p4 stream for the Options: field.)

By default, p4 istat reports the status of integration from the stream to its parent. For the status from the parent to the stream, use the -r option.

In a multi-server environment, this command is run directly against an edge server. It is not forwarded to the commit server.

To limit the report to the status of files only or the stream spec only, use the -Af or -As option. However, if the stream's cached integration status with respect to its parent is stale because newer changes have been submitted or the stream's branch view has changed, using -Af or -As updates the cache and shows the status for both files and the stream spec.



Check for all integrations, to and from the parent stream


Clear cached information before checking integration history. Intended for diagnostic use.


Like -c but also clears the stream's record of the highest merged changelist.


Check for integrations required from the parent stream.


Display the status of a stream and generate cache data without executing database queries.

-Af Report integration status for stream files only.
-As Report integration status for the stream spec only.


See Global options.

Usage Notes

Can File Arguments Use Revision Specifier? Can File Arguments Use Revision Range? Minimal Access Level Required




  • The -c option is intended for diagnostic and cache consistency checks associated with P4V, the Helix Visual Client.

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