p4 streamlog

List revision history of streams.


p4 [g-opts] streamlog [ -c  changelist# -h -i -l -L -t -m max ] stream1 ...

Syntax conventions


List the revision history of the specified stream specs, from the most recent revision to the first. If the stream was opened for edit and submitted, the change list information is displayed. Otherwise only the maximum change num at the time of edit is displayed.

You can specify any number of streams. For example,

p4 streamlog //streams/main //streams/dev2.3 //streams/rel2.3

The output is similar to that of p4 filelog except that it is about a stream spec instead of a file. By default, the output consists of one line per revision in reverse chronological order. The format of each line is:

... #rev change chnum action on date by user@client Stream 'description'


  • rev is the revision number
  • chnum is the number of the submitting changelist
  • action is the operation that was applied to the stream spec, such as add, edit, delete.

  • date is the submission date (by default), or date and time if the -t option is used
  • user is the name of the user who submitted the revision
  • client is the name of the client workspace from which the revision was submitted
  • description is the first 30 characters of the corresponding changelist’s description

    If the -l option is used, the description is the full changelist description as entered when the changelist was submitted. If the -L option is used, the description is the full changelist description, truncated to 250 characters.

This command can also report on a deleted stream. For example, p4 streamlog //project1/s1 might output:

... change 789 delete on 2022/03/03 by maria@mgwksp 'Stream //project1/s1'
... change 456 edit on 2021/02/02 by maria@mgwksp 'Stream //project1/s1'
... change 123 add on 2020/01/01 by maria@mgwksp 'Stream //project1/s1'


-c Display the stream submitted at the specified changelist number.
-i Include inherited stream history. For a stream created by branching (using p4 integrate), streamlog lists the revisions of the stream's ancestors up to the branch points that led to the specified revision. Stream history inherited by renaming (using p4 move) is always displayed regardless of whether -i is specified.
-h Display the stream content history instead of stream name history. The list includes revisions of other streams that were branched or copied (using p4 integrate and p4 resolve -at) to the specified revision. Revisions that were replaced by copying or branching are omitted, even if they are part of the history of the specified revision.


Display the time as well as the date.


List long output, with the full text of each changelist description.


List long output, with the full text of each changelist description truncated at 250 characters.


Display at most max revisions per stream argument specified.


See Global options.

Usage Notes

Can File Arguments Use Revision Specifier? Can File Arguments Use Revision Range? Minimal Access Level Required




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