p4 triggers

Create or display a list of scripts to be run conditionally when certain operations are performed, such as changelist submitted, form updated, journal rotated, and more.


p4 [g-opts] triggers
p4 [g-opts] triggers -o
p4 [g-opts] triggers -i

Syntax conventions


Helix Core triggers are user-written scripts or programs that are called by a Helix Core Server when certain operations are performed. Among the possible use cases are changelist submission, changes to forms, integration with an external authentication or archive mechanism, push or fetch of remote depot content, failover, failback, server response monitoring, and enforcement of command policies, such as when a user attempts to log in or change a password.

If the script returns a value of 0, the operation continues. If the script returns any other value, the operation fails.

The p4 triggers command includes three variants:

  • With no options specified, the command invokes the default editor to allow the user to specify one or more trigger definitions.
  • The -i option specifies that the user use standard input to specify one or more trigger definitions.
  • The -o option displays the trigger definitions currently stored in the trigger table.

A trigger definition contains four fields that specify the name of the trigger, the type of event that should trigger the execution of the script, the location of the script, and other trigger type-dependent information. When the condition specified in a trigger definition is satisfied, the associated script or program is executed.

See "Using triggers to customize behavior" in the Helix Core Server Administrator Guide.



Read the trigger table from standard input without invoking the editor.


Write the trigger table to standard output without invoking the editor.


See Global options.

Usage Notes

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