p4 undo

Undo a range of revisions.


p4 [g-opts] undo [-n -K] [-c change] [[FileSpec][revSpec]]

Syntax conventions


The p4 undo command opens files to undo a set of previously submitted changes. The undone changes remain a part of the file history, but the new revisions submitted after p4 undo reverse their effect.

If a single revision is specified, the specified revision is undone. If a revision range is specified, the entire range is undone.

The workspace files opened by p4 undo are synced to the revision prior to those of the range and opened at the most recent undone revision.

Files that are opened at a revision prior to the head must be resolved prior to submission. To accomplish this, run p4 sync followed by p4 resolve.

The -n option previews the operation without changing any files.

If -c change is included, files are opened in the specified pending changelist instead of the default changelist.

See the Example below.



Preview the operation without changing any files.

-K Suppress keyword expansion when updating +k type files on the client. See File type modifiers.

-c change

Open files in the specified pending changelist rather than the default changelist.


See Global options.

Usage Notes

Can File Arguments Use Revision Specifier? Can File Arguments Use Revision Range? Minimal Access Level Required




To undo the effects of a particular change, issue this command:

$ p4 undo @change

To undo all changes made on April 1, 2018, issue this command:

$ p4 undo @2018/04/01,@2016/04/02

The above examples open files in the default changelist. To use a numbered changelist, specify it with the -c option.


User Command Result

The user wants the content of revision #1 to become the latest revision.

p4 undo //depot2/dirE/readme.txt#2

An undid action against that revision #2 is pending:

//depot2/dirE/readme.txt#2 - opened for integrate
... undid //depot2/dirE/readme.txt#2

The user submits the file.

p4 submit -d "undoing edit made in #2"

The content and history of revision #1 is now associated with the newly created revision #3 because an integrate action has completed.

Submitting change 635.
Locking 1 files ...
integrate //depot2/dirE/readme.txt#3
Change 635 submitted.

The user decides to review the history of the file.


p4 filelog //depot2/dirE/readme.txt

The p4 filelog command returns the history, indicating that revision #3 has undone revision #2.

... #3 change 635 integrate on 2018/10/26 by bruno@7ws (text) 'undoing edit made in #2'
... ... undid //depot2/dirE/readme.txt#2
... #2 change 634 edit on 2018/10/26 by bruno@7ws (text) 'making #2 in depot2/dirE '
... ... undone by //depot2/dirE/readme.txt#3
... #1 change 234 add on 2018/05/29 by bruno@7ws (text) 'added the initial file'

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