Pipeline job setup

This chapter covers the setup and configuration of Perforce tasks from Jenkins Pipeline scripts and assumes the reader is experienced with Jenkins Pipeline. If you are not familiar with Pipeline please read the Jenkins Pipeline documentation: https://jenkins.io/doc/book/pipeline/

There are two basic methods for creating your Jenkins pipeline script:

Pipeline Script from SCM:

Used when you want to store the Jenkins pipeline script in the Perforce Helix Core Server. The Jenkinsfile script is created using forms that are very similar to the forms used when you create a Freestyle job.

For instructions about how to create a pipeline script from SCM, see Pipeline script from SCM setup.

Pipeline from Script:

Used when you want to manually create a script, create a script using the Snippet Generator, or use a mixture of the two. The snippet generator is a simple way to create scripts and then see how they are constructed.

For instructions about how to create a pipeline script, see Pipeline Script setup.