Helix Core Server Administrator Guide: Multi-Site Deployment (2019.1)


This topic assumes you have read the Introduction to multi-site deployment architectures.


You cannot issue the p4 unsubmit and p4 resubmit commands to an edge server. You can only issue these commands to a commit server.


Commit-edge architecture builds upon Helix server replication technology. Before attempting to deploy a commit-edge configuration, read Helix server replication, including the section on Connecting services, which includes information on Managing SSL key pairs.


An edge server can be used instead of a build farm server, and this usage is referred to as a build edge server. If the only users of an edge server are build processes, disaster recovery is possible without backing up the local edge server-specific workspace and related information. See Migrating from existing installations.


Some Helix Core server commands behave differently when you have edge servers. See the Support Knowledgebase article, "Edge Servers".