P4GT for Maya User Guide (2019.1)

Helix Core menu overview

The Helix Core menu contains the following items:

Helix Core menu option Description
Add to Helix Core Adds the file that you are currently working on to Perforce. For more information, see Adding files to Perforce.
Check Out Checks a file out of Perforce so you can edit it. For more information, see Checking files out of Perforce.
Check In Checks files into Perforce, to store your changes in the depot. For more information, see Checking files in to Perforce.
Lock/Unlock File Prevents other users from checking in a file while you have it open, to prevent conflicts.
Undo Add/Check Out Discards any changes that you have made to the files in your workspace. This operation is known as revertingTo discard the changes you have made to a file in the client workspace before a submit. a file.
Results of Last Command Displays the results of the last Perforce command that you performed.
File Status Displays the status of the current file, including the file name and path, as well as Perforce information.
File History Displays the current file's name and path, as well as the past revisions of the file, and the changelistsA list of files, their version numbers, the changes made to the files, and a description of the changes made. A changelist is the basic unit of versioned work in Helix server. The changes specified in the changelist are not stored in the depot until the changelist is submitted to the depot. See also atomic change transaction and changelist number. associated with it.
Checked-out Files Displays a list of all of the files that you currently have checked out of Perforce.
Helix Core Information Displays your Perforce connection information. For more information about these fields, see the Perforce documentation portal.
Get Latest Revision from Helix Core Enables you to browse and open files that are stored in the depotA file repository hosted on the server. A depot is the top-level unit of storage for versioned files (depot files or source files) within a Helix Core server. It contains all versions of all files ever submitted to the depot. There can be multiple depots on a single installation. (as opposed to your workspaceSee client workspace.).
Options Enables you to set P4GT options. For more information on these options, see Configuring P4GT.
Help Displays the online help.
About P4GT Displays information about the version of P4GT that you are running.
Disconnect from Server/Connect to Server Deactivate/activate Perforce operations.