Map different depot locations to the same workspace location

Overlay mappings enable you to map files from more than one depot directory to the same place in a workspace. To overlay the contents of a second directory in your workspace, use a plus sign (+) in front of the mapping.

Example   Overlaying multiple directories in the same workspace

Joe wants to combine the files from his projects when they are synced to his workspace, so he has constructed a view as follows:

    //Acme/proj1/...    //joe/project/...
    +//Acme/proj2/...   //joe/project/...

The overlay mapping //Acme/proj2/... maps to //joe/project, and overlays the first mapping. Overlay mappings do not conflict. Files (even deleted files) in //Acme/proj2 take precedence over files in //Acme/proj1. If //Acme/proj2/file.c is missing (as opposed to being present, but deleted), then //Acme/proj1/file.c is mapped into the workspace instead.

When multiple directories are overlaid in this way, only the last directory is writable.

Overlay mappings are useful for applying sparse patches in build environments.