Passwords, set and reset

Helix Server superusers can manually set a user’s password with:

$ p4 passwd username

When prompted, enter a new password for the user.

To force a user with an existing password to reset his or her own password the next time they use Helix Server, use the following command:

$ p4 admin resetpassword -u username

You can force all users with passwords (including the superuser that invokes this command) to reset their passwords by using the command:

$ p4 admin resetpassword -a

Running p4 admin resetpassword -a resets only the passwords of users who already exist (and who have passwords). If you create new user accounts with default passwords, you can further configure your installation to require that all newly-created users reset their passwords before issuing their first command. To do this, set the dm.user.resetpassword configurable as follows:

$ p4 configure set dm.user.resetpassword=1