Helix Swarm Administrator Guide (2019.2)

Helix Swarm Administrator Guide

This guide tells you how to install, upgrade, configure, and administer Swarm. It is intended for Swarm administrators.

New for Swarm 2019.2

Following is a summary of new information with links to the most prominent topics. For a complete list, see What's new.


The workflow feature has now been released for use in production environments, see Workflows.

Improved Swarm cache

Swarm now uses a Redis cache server for improved performance especially on larger Swarm systems, see Redis server. Swarm caches data from the Helix server to improve the performance of common searches in Swarm and to reduce the load on the Helix server. By default Swarm uses its own Redis server on the Swarm machine, this is installed automatically with Swarm package and OVA installations.

Stream spec support added

Swarm now supports stream specs that are edited in your workspace using the Private editing of streams feature. If a changelist or review contains a stream spec, it will be displayed first in the Files tab with the prefix stream:// , see Review display.

Additional help for Helix Core

Command line client usage

See the Helix Core Server User Guide for information on how to use the Helix server Command Line Client.

Command reference

See p4 client (graph) in the Helix Core P4 Command Reference for help configuring Helix server for building from mixed clients.

Helix server administration

See Helix Core Server Administrator Guide: Fundamentals for information on installation, configuration, and management of Helix server.