Helix Swarm Guide

This guide tells you how to use Helix Swarm for collaboration and code review for teams using Helix Core server. It is intended for anyone using Swarm to perform code review tasks with Helix server.

See these topics to get started:

New for Swarm 2020.2

Following is a summary of new information with links to the most prominent topics. For a complete list, see What's new.

Updated Swarm Reviews list UI

The Swarm Reviews list page UI has been updated to show the information you need more clearly than ever before. New icons make it easier to see the review states and test states for the reviews. Review filtering has also been improved to make it easier to see which filters you have selected. For information on the reviews list, see Reviews list.

See relative review complexity at a glance from your Reviews list

The new traffic light complexity column on the reviews list page shows the relative complexity and the total number of changes for each review at a glance.

Want more detail before opening a review, simply hover over the complexity for the review you are interested in:

Image of Complexity tooltip.

For information on review complexity, see Reviews list.

Introducing P4Search for full content search in Swarm - Technology preview feature

Extend standard Swarm searches to search file content and changelist description by using P4Search. The P4Search service needs a connection to Elasticsearch and the Helix Core server. For more information on Helix Core Search API, see the Overview section of the Helix Core Search Developer Guide.

Changes to operating systems supported by Swarm

  • We now support the installation of Swarm on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, CentOS 8, and RHEL 8, see Recommended operating systems.
  • Swarm 2020.2 is the final version that will support Swarm installation on Ubuntu 16.04. This is part of our commitment to focus on supported technology platforms.
  • We no longer support Swarm installation on CentOS 6 and RHEL 6. This is part of our commitment to focus on supported technology platforms.

Additional help for Helix Core

Command line client usage

See the Helix Core Server User Guide for information on how to use the Helix server Command Line Client.

Command reference

See p4 client (graph) in the Helix Core P4 Command Reference for help configuring Helix server for building from mixed clients.

Helix server administration

See Helix Core Server Administrator Guide for information on installation, configuration, and management of Helix server.