Helix Swarm Guide

This guide tells you how to use Helix Swarm for collaboration and code review for teams using Helix Core Server. It is intended for anyone using Swarm to perform code review tasks with Helix Core Server.

See these topics to get started:

New for Swarm 2023.1

Following is a summary of new information with links to the most prominent topics. For a complete list, see What's new.

Blocking Approval panel in the Swarm Review page (preview)

From Helix Swarm 2023.1, we have introduced a Blocking Approval panel in the Swarm Review page (preview). This panel displays a summary of all the pending actions that are preventing a review from being approved.

The Blocking Approval panel provides information about any pending required individual or group reviewers, any tests that are failing or are in progress, pending moderator votes, and pending minimum up votes. Depending on the configuration, this panel can also display if any pending comment tasks are blocking the review. For more information, see Blocking Approval.

To share your feedback about the Blocking Approval panel, see Getting help.

Limit maximum number of files for a review

You can now set a maximum file limit when creating or updating a review. This feature is useful for large commits like branching or merging of large changelists that are too big to review. For more information, see Maximum files limit.

Additional help

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See the Helix Core Command-Line (P4) Guide for concepts and procedures for the command line client.

Helix Core Command-Line (P4) Reference

See p4 client (graph) in the Helix Core Command-Line (P4) Reference for help configuring Helix Core Server for building from mixed clients.

Helix Core Server Administrator Guide

See Helix Core Server Administrator Guide for information on installation, configuration, and management of Helix Core Server.

Helix Swarm Guide

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