Helix Swarm Guide

This guide tells you how to use Helix Swarm for collaboration and code review for teams using Helix Core Server. It is intended for anyone using Swarm to perform code review tasks with Helix Core Server.

See these topics to get started:

New for Swarm 2022.2

Following is a summary of new information with links to the most prominent topics. For a complete list, see What's new.

New Slack integration

Swarm now ships with a new Slack integration module baked-in. Enable Slack integration for the Swarm projects you want to be notified about, and the Slack integration will post Swarm activity in the appropriate Swarm project Slack channel each time:

  • a change is committed

  • a review is created

  • a review is updated (threaded on the original review)

See Slack integration.

Manage the Swarm Helix Core Server extension with a script

You can now manage your Swarm Helix Core Server extension with a script, see Extensions Management.

Swarm multi-Helix Core Server instance improvements

You can now configure Swarm with specific settings for each Helix Core Server instance. For example, you can make Swarm use a different Jira configuration for each of the Helix Core Servers it is connected to. See Configure a specific Helix Core Server.

Support for Docker added

You can now run Swarm using a Docker container, see Run Swarm using a Docker container.

Swarm no longer supports OVA deployments

Swarm 2022.2 no longer supports Swarm deployment from an OVA image.

API version support changed for Swarm 2022.2

From Swarm 2022.2, Swarm no longer supports APIs older than v9.

Swarm review page (preview)

We continue to work hard to improve the Swarm review preview page. The preview review page will replace the original page in a later release.

To access the review page preview, use the Preview toggle at the top of the review page. In this way, you can freely switch between the original review page and the preview review page. See Review display.

The new page is currently missing a few features that will be added in a later release, see Review page (preview) for details. Please share your feedback with us if there is anything you miss from the original review page. For contact details, see Getting help

Help for the original Swarm review page is available in the Swarm 2021.2 documentation, see Review display.

Review Display Page image

Additional help

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See the Helix Core Command-Line (P4) Guide for concepts and procedures for the command line client.

Helix Core Command-Line (P4) Reference

See p4 client (graph) in the Helix Core Command-Line (P4) Reference for help configuring Helix Core Server for building from mixed clients.

Helix Core Server Administrator Guide

See Helix Core Server Administrator Guide for information on installation, configuration, and management of Helix Core Server.

Helix Swarm Guide

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