Helix Swarm Guide (2020.1)

Helix Swarm Guide

This guide tells you how to use Helix Swarm for collaboration and code review for teams using Helix Core server. It is intended for anyone using Swarm to perform code review tasks with Helix server.

See these topics to get started:

New for Swarm 2020.1

Following is a summary of new information with links to the most prominent topics. For a complete list, see What's new.

Swarm collapsible side menu

The original Swarm top menu has been moved to the left of the page and can be collapsed to save space. As you enter, for example a project, the main menu is replaced by the project menu so that it is more context aware.

For more information, see Menu quick reference.

Edit text files directly from the Swarm UI - Technology preview feature

Need to make a quick edit to a text file and shelve or commit your change? Swarm now supports the editing of text files directly from the File browser view of the Swarm UI.

Edit global workflow from the Swarm UI

You can now edit your global workflow from the Swarm Workflows page, see Workflow global rules. Existing workflow rules are automatically migrated to the UI when you upgrade from an earlier version of Swarm.

Create tests in the Swarm UI

You can now create tests from the Swarm UI and view them from the new Tests menu, see Tests.

Add tests to workflows

Tests configured in the Swarm UI can be associated with individual workflows. When a review is associated with a workflow that has tests, those tests will be run when the review is either created/updated or submitted, see Workflows. Tests can also be associated with the global workflow, this ensures that these global tests are enforced for all changes even if they are not part of a project.

Additional help for Helix Core

Command line client usage

See the Helix Core Server User Guide for information on how to use the Helix server Command Line Client.

Command reference

See p4 client (graph) in the Helix Core P4 Command Reference for help configuring Helix server for building from mixed clients.

Helix server administration

See Helix Core Server Administrator Guide for information on installation, configuration, and management of Helix server.