Establish trigger token

Trigger tokens prevent unwanted events from influencing Swarm operations; trigger requests to Swarm without a valid token are ignored.

  1. Log in to Swarm as a super user.
  2. Click your userid, found at the right of the main toolbar.
  3. Select About Swarm.

    The About Swarm dialog appears and Swarm generates an API token if it doesn't exist.

  4. Make a note of the trigger token value displayed at the bottom of the dialog, you will need the trigger token when you configure Helix server for Swarm.
  5. Tip

    Click on the trigger token to select it and then copy it to your clipboard. You can paste it into the swarm-trigger.conf file when you configure Helix server for Swarm.

  6. Configure the Swarm triggers, see Helix Core server configuration for Swarm.