Set Helix Proxy options for a Windows service.

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For example, if you normally run the Proxy with the command

$ p4p -p 1999 -t mainserver:1666

you can set the P4POPTIONS variable for the Windows proxysvc to run with

$ p4 set -S "Perforce Proxy" P4POPTIONS="-p 1999 -t mainserver:1666"

When you run P4P under the "Helix Proxy" service, the Proxy will listen to port 1999 and communicate with the Perforce service at mainserver:1666.

Most installations do not need to use P4POPTIONS, because there are already environment variables associated with most p4p options; in the example shown above, you can use P4PORT and P4TARGET. Use P4POPTIONS when you need to call p4p with options for which there are no corresponding environment variables, and when you are doing so within the context of a Windows service.

See Helix Proxy in the Helix Core Server Administrator Guide.