Directory in which the Helix Core Server stores its database files. The versionedClosed Source files stored in the Helix Server depot, including one or more revisions to each file. Also known as archive files, archives, and depot files. Versioned files typically use the naming convention 'filename,v' or '1.changelist.gz'. files are also stored in this directory by default, but another location can be configured with the server.depot.root configurable.

Usage Notes

Used by Client? Used by Server? Command-Line Alternative Can be set in P4CONFIG file?



p4d -r directory


Value if not Explicitly Set

Operating System Value


p4d's directory.

Windows administrators running the Helix Core Server back-end process as a service should use p4 set -S svcname P4ROOT=directory to set the value of P4ROOT for the named service.


Create this directory before starting the versioning service (p4d).

Only the account running p4d needs to have read/write permissions in this directory.

For more information on setting up a Helix Server installation, see Installing the server in the Helix Core Server Administrator Guide.