p4 clients

List all client workspaces currently known to the system.


p4 [g-opts] clients [-t] [-u user | --me] [[-e|-E] filter] [-m max]
                    [-S stream] [-a | -s serverID]
p4 [g-opts] clients -U

Syntax conventions


p4 clients lists all the client workspaces known to the Helix Core Server. Each workspace is reported on a single line of the report. The format of each line is:

Client clientname moddate root clientrootdescription

For example:

Client paris 2009/02/19 root /usr/src 'Joe's client'

describes a client workspace named paris, last modified on February 19, 2009 with a root of /usr/src. The description of the workspace entered in the p4 client form is Joe’s client.

Use the -m max option to limit the output to the first max client workspaces.

Use the -e or -E filter options to limit the output to clients whose name matches the filter pattern. The -e option is case-sensitive, and -E is case-insensitive. See Examples.

Use the -u user option to limit the output to workspaces owned by the named user.

The command p4 workspaces is an alias for p4 clients.



List all client workspaces, not just workspaces bound to this server.

-e filter

List only client workspaces matching filter (case-sensitive).

-E filter

List only client workspaces matching filter (case-insensitive).

-m max

List only the first max client workspaces.

-s serverID

List only client workspaces bound to the specified serverID. On an edge server, the -s option defaults to the edge server’s serverID.

-S stream

List client workspaces associated with the specified stream.


Display the time as well as the date of the last update to the workspace.

-u user

List only client workspaces owned by user.


Equivalent to -u $P4USER.


List only client workspaces unloaded with p4 unload.


See Global options.

Usage Notes

Can File Arguments Use Revision Specifier? Can File Arguments Use Revision Range? Minimal Access Level Required Command Alias




p4 workspaces

The command returns no output if there is no object to report on.


p4 clients -m 5

List a maximum of five client workspaces for any type of depot.

p4 clients -E *Users

Filters the list to find only client workspaces such as the following:

Client p4vBetaUsers 2019/06/25 root /var/log 'Created by maria. '
Client users 2018/11/06 root /home/perforce/users 'Created by bruno.'

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