P4Admin User Guide

This guide tells you how to use P4Admin, a GUI for administrating Helix Server connections. It is intended for anyone using P4Admin to perform basic Helix Server administrative tasks. Access to the complete set of administrative tools requires the Helix Core Server command-line client, also referred to as p4.

Additional help for Helix Core apps


See Helix Core Visual Client (P4V) Guide for how to use P4V, the Helix Visual Client.


See P4Merge User Guide for how to use the visual tool for diffing and merging files.

P4V Cheat Sheet

See P4V Cheat Sheet for a quick reference of P4 command and P4V icons.

Command line client usage

See Helix Core Command-Line (P4) Guide for how to use the Helix Server Command Line Client.

Command reference

See Helix Core Command-Line (P4) Reference for usage and reference for the Helix Server command-line client.