About the P4Admin Home page

The Administration home page enables users with super and admin permissions to view and use the following:

Area What it shows

Important messages, such as that your support has expired or no unused user licenses remain.

You can create your own custom alerts. See Example for P4Admin in P4VJS Developer Guide.

Server Info Name, host, port, version, root, and more.
Disk space usage Remaining disk space and size of database tables, journal, and logs.

Helix Core Cloud subscriptions omit this information.

Security level Whether users require tickets, strong passwords, passwords, or no password.
Account management Quicklinks Links to common tasks, such as Install or update the license file and Create new group.
User licenses

Licenses in use, Remaining licenses, and License total.

Helix Core Cloud includes the "Number of users owned by Perforce" for Perforce-hosted administrators that are separate from your "Licenses in use".

Inactive Users Lists the users who have not accessed their account in the period of time you specify.
Triggers Name, Type, Path, and Command of each trigger in use.

To change your password, click Administration > Change Password​.