Managing depots

If you have super user permission for the Helix Server instance to which you are connected, you can manage the depots that it contains. Specifically, you can:

For detailed steps, see the individual sections.

Create a depot

  1. Select File > New > Depot.
  2. In the New Depot dialog, enter a name for the depot and click OK.
  3. In the Depot window, provide the following information:

  4. Click Apply to save your changes and keep the window open or Ok to save your changes and close the window.

Display or edit depot details

  1. Select View > Depots. The Depots tab opens in the right pane.

    The left side of the tab shows the depot tree. The right side shows the files that are located in the folder you have selected in the depot tree. The two sub-tabs at the bottom provide additional information:

    • If and by who a selected file is checked out
    • A preview of the file
  2. To view additional information on a depot, in the Depot tab, right-click the depot and select View Depot '<depot-name>'.

    The Depot window opens, displaying information such as the depot name, date last modified, owner, description, type, and storage location for versioned files.

  3. Optionally, click:

    • Edit to modify the Owner, Description, or Storage location for versioned files fields.

      All other fields are read-only for existing depots.

      When done with your edits, click Apply to save your changes and keep the window open or OK to save your changes and close the window.

    • Print to send the information to a printer of your choice. In the Print dialog, select the printer and click Print.

  4. Click Close.

Delete a depot

  1. In the Depot tab, right-click the depot you want to delete and select Delete Depot '<depot-name>'.
  2. When prompted for confirmation, click Yes.

Obliterate files from a depot


Obliterate with extreme caution. Obliteration permanently removes all traces of the specified files from the Helix Server, including revision records and metadata (such as references in labels and client workspace specifications). Files in client workspaces are left untouched, but they are no longer recognized as being under Helix Server control.

  1. In the Depot tab, right-click a file and select Obliterate.
  2. In the Obliterate dialog that opens, click Add to browse to the file or files you want to delete.
  3. Select whether you want to obliterate all revisions, all revisions up to a specific revision, or all revisions between two specific revisions.
  4. Optionally, click Preview to see the effects of obliterating the selected files. For example: 

    Would delete the following:
    * 2 record(s) from the revision database (0 archive record(s) purged)
    * 4 record(s) from the have database
    * 0 record(s) from the opened files database
    * 12 record(s) from the integration database
    * 0 record(s) from the label database
  5. Click Obliterate to confirm.