Helix Core Server Administrator Guide: Multi-Site Deployment (2019.2)

What’s new in this guide


Various bug fixes. See the Release Notes.

2019.1 release

2018.2 release

Various bug fixes as mentioned in the Release Notes.

2018.1 release

To help the standby server stay as current as possible with the master server, consider using the configurable that enables writing to the device on which the standby server's active journal would be located. See the mention of the rpl.journalcopy.location configurable at Configuring a read-only replica.

2017.2 release

Complete replication for graph depot archives

Edge servers support syncing file content from graph depots. Replication supports graph depots that contain pack files, loose files, or a mixture of the pack files and loose files.

New content can be pushed by using the Git Connector or committed with p4 submit or p4 merge.

For information about depots of type graph, see:

Helix Core server Control (p4dctl) has moved

The appendix formerly named Helix Versioning Engine Control (p4dctl), which was both in this guide (volume 2 of the "Helix Versioning Engine Administrator Guide") and in the volume 1, "Helix Versioning Engine Administrator Guide: Fundamentals" (volume 1) is now exclusively in volume 1 at https://www.perforce.com/perforce/doc.current/manuals/p4sag/#P4SAG/appendix.p4dctl.html.