From 2019.1 or later to latest (single server)

These instructions assume you have a single server. If not, see From 2019.1 or later to latest (multi-server environment).

  • A proxy or broker only needs to get the latest binary.
  • You do NOT need to run p4d -xu against offline db.* files (a set of db.* files periodically brought current by replaying the journal files from the production server).


  • To upgrade Helix Server to a newer version, your Helix Server license file must be current.
  • We strongly recommend that you take a checkpoint so that you know you can recover if something goes wrong during the upgrade. (See Checkpoint files.) It is best to take the checkpoint at a time when the end-users are not active.
  • Make sure that journaling is enabled.

Upgrade Steps

In the following steps, replace

  • [P4ROOT] with the path to the P4ROOT directory
  • [P4JOURNAL] with the directory path and name of the journal file
  1. Shut down the server by running p4 admin stop

  2. Install the new version of the p4d binary on the system.
  3. As the OS account owner of the Helix Server, run p4d -r [P4ROOT] -J [P4JOURNAL] -xu
  4. Wait until you see this message:

    Upgrades will be applied at server startup.

  5. Start the server.
  6. Inform your users that they can resume work.