P4V User Guide (2020.2)

Branch preferences

You can configure default behaviors for the Branch dialog.

  • Specify the default branch method that appears when the dialog opens:
    • Specify source and target files: The dialog prompts you to select source and target files
    • Branch mapping: The dialog prompts you to select a branch mapping
    • Remember my last choice: The dialog opens with the branch method you used the last time you opened the dialog


      The branch method is always:

      • Specify source and target files for a stream object
      • Branch mapping for a branch mapping
  • Specify how to treat the files that you use to filter a branch mapping:
    • Source: Files that you include are considered the source
    • Target: Files that you include are considered the target
    • Remember my last choice: Repeat the previous use of the dialog for Source or Target
  • Specify which Options tab appears on top when the Branch dialog opens:
    • Submit
    • Filter
    • Advanced
    • Remember my last choice
  • Specify the default Submit options:
    • Add files to pending changelist or Automatically submit branched files
    • Pending changelist: Default or new
  • Specify the default Advanced option:
    • Do not copy newly branched target files to workspace (-v): Create a branch in the depot without retrieving the corresponding files from the depot to your workspace.

To return to the original settings of P4V, click Restore Defaults.

For more information about these options, see Creating Branches.