P4V User Guide (2019.1)

P4V User Guide

P4V, the Helix Visual Client, is the cross-platform graphical user interface for the Helix Core server. To use the Helix Core server to manage files, you typically connect to it using an application like P4V. P4V enables you to check files in and out, and perform various other versioning tasks.

If you are new to P4V, see these topics to get started:

What's new

Following is a summary of new information with links to the most prominent topics. For a complete list, see the P4V Release Notes.

  • Introduced private editing of streams. This feature lets you modify a stream in isolation from other users of that stream, as opposed to having changes become global as soon as you save them. Privately edited streams get checked out and added to a changelist, allowing for advanced testing and enhanced traceability. For details, see Editing streams and Resolving streams.
  • Added the option to filter the depot view by stream type, allowing you to show only certain stream types and hiding directories that are no longer associated with a stream. For details, see Customize Depot and Workspace views using filters.
  • When switching streams in the current workspace, P4V now:

    • Offers the option to perform a reconcile operation when switching streams in the current workspace.
    • Automatically shelves files checked out to the default changelist.
    • Prompts you to shelve files checked out to a numbered changelist.

    For details, see Streams preferences and Work in a stream.

Additional help for Helix Core apps


See the P4Admin User Guide for information on how to use P4Admin, a GUI for administrating Helix Core connections, depots, users, and groups.


See the P4Merge User Guide for information on how to use the visual tool for diffing and merging files.

P4V Cheat Sheet

See the P4V Cheat Sheet for a quick reference of P4 command and P4V icons.