Configure P4V preferences

To configure settings for P4V:

  1. Go to Edit > Preferences​ (Windows) or P4V > Preferences​ (Mac).

  2. Click Apply to save your changes or click OK to save your changes and exit the dialog.

Local versus centralized preferences

Local versus centralized preferences: Many P4V preferences can be defined or disabled centrally using Helix Server. For example, an administrator can disable the Labels tab centrally, and you cannot override this setting in your local P4V preferences to make the Labels tab available. These centralized settings are specific to Helix Server, so if you switch your connection to a different Helix Server instance during a P4V session, you might see different behaviors after you open the new connection. For example, if Helix Server A has enabled the Labels tab and Helix Server B has disabled it, the Labels tab will become unavailable when you switch your connection from instance A to instance B.

Performance-related preferences

Preferences related to performance, such as those on the Server Data page, can be set centrally using Helix Server. If these centrally set performance preferences differ from your local preferences, your local settings continue to appear in the Preferences dialog even though the central preferences override their values.

The Preferences dialog includes the following configuration pages: