Stream history

To view the history of a stream, on the Streams tab or Stream Graph tab, right-click and choose Stream History.

  • Change is the number of the submitted changelist

  • Action is what the user did to the stream, such as add, edit, integrate, or delete

  • Modified is the timestamp of the submitted changelist

  • User is the account that submitted the changelist

  • Workspace is user's active workspace at the time of the Change

  • Description is the changelist description when submitting

View deleted streams and their history

To view deleted streams, on the Streams tab, select the Show deleted streams checkbox. Any delete streams appear with the deleted badge (x):

If you right-click a stream with the deleted badge (x) and choose Stream History, the Change number of the delete action appears as part of the stream history.

Also, the Details tab of Stream Revision Graph can show the delete action: