Shelve streams

If you have chosen to Edit a stream privately, you also have the option to shelve the stream.

Shelving your edits to a stream allows you to:

  • informally share the proposed edits with a colleague for testing and feedback before committing them to the depot
  • request a more formal review through Helix Swarm. See Integration with Helix Swarm.
  • save work in progress
  • switch the stream that you are working on

To shelve a stream, click on the pending change or checked-out stream, then right-click and select Shelve...

To unshelve a stream, click on the pending change or shelved stream, then right-click and select Unshelve...

Alternatively, you can use drag-and-drop to shelve and unshelve the stream.

A shelved stream cannot be unshelved if the stream is checked out.

To submit a shelved stream, right-click and select Submit Shelved, which is similar to Submit shelved files. Alternatively, you can submit the shelved stream together with shelved files.

To Diff two shelved streams, drag-and-drop one stream onto the other, or use the context menu options. For example, a shelved stream can be diffed against the Have revision.