P4V User Guide (2019.2)

Bookmarking files

P4V enables you to create bookmarks so you can navigate quickly to often-used files and folders. You can organize the bookmarks using folders and separators. When you choose the bookmark from the list displayed under the Tools > Bookmarks menu item, P4V navigates to the corresponding file or folder and selects it, expanding any containing folders.

Bookmark a file or folder

  1. In the depot or workspace pane, right-click the desired target file or folder. (P4V stores the location using local or depot syntax, depending on whether you select the target in the workspace or depot pane.)
  2. Select Bookmark.​

    The Add Bookmark dialog is displayed.

    Add Bookmark dialog
  3. Specify the bookmark as follows:

    • Name: Descriptive text to be displayed in the list of bookmarks
    • Placement: The location of the bookmark in the displayed hierarchy of bookmarks
    • Location: The path that specifies the location of the file or folder in the depot or workspace.
  4. Click OK to dismiss the dialog and save your entries.

Manage bookmarks

  1. Go to Tools > Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks.​
  2. In the Manage Bookmarks dialog, you can create and edit bookmarks, create folders, and create separators.

    Manage Bookmarks dialog