This section provides information on how to delay comment notifications, and configure comment threading.


If you make a configuration change, Swarm will not use it until the configuration cache has been reloaded, this forces Swarm to use the new configuration. You must be an admin or super user to reload the Swarm config cache. Navigate to the User id dropdown menu, select System Information, click the Cache Info tab, and click the Reload Configuration button.

Comment notification delay

By default, comment notifications are delayed to allow reviewers to add or edit comments as they progress through a review without sending a notification for each individual comment on the review. Comment notifications are rolled up into a single notification and sent either manually by the reviewer, or automatically after the notification delay time has been exceeded.

The delay countdown is reset each time the reviewer adds or edits a comment on the review, by default the notification delay time is set to 30 minutes.

  • If you are commenting on more than one review, each of the reviews that you are commenting on has its own notification delay countdown that only applies to the comments that you make on that review.
  • If another reviewer is making comments on the same review as you, that reviewer has their own notification delay timer for that review.
  • If you manually send a delayed comment notification, the notification will only contain the comments that you made on that review.

The comment notification delay does not delay the posting of the comments, only the comment notification is delayed.


Comment notifications are only delayed for comments on reviews. Comments on commits or jobs produce notifications immediately.

To change the comment notification delay time, update the SWARM_ROOT/data/config.php file to include the following configuration item within the comments block:

'comments' => array(
'notification_delay_time' => 1800, //Default to 30 minutes 1800 seconds

notification_delay_time: Specifies the comment notification delay time in seconds.

  • Set to 0 to send the comment notification immediately the Post button is clicked.
  • The default value if notification_delay_time is not specified is 1800 seconds (30 minutes).

Comment threading

By default, you can reply to comments, replies are displayed in a thread below the parent comment. Comment thread depth is set to 4 by default, this means you can have up to 4 levels of replies for a parent comment. The Reply link is not displayed for replies at or above the maximum thread depth set for Swarm. If the parent comment is archived, replies are archived with the parent, see Archiving comments. Comment threading depth is set by the max_depth configurable.


If the thread depth is reduced by a Swarm administrator, earlier replies at a deeper level will continue to be displayed but you cannot reply to them.

To configure comment threading, update the SWARM_ROOT/data/config.php file to include the following configuration item within the comments block:

'comments' => array(
'threading' => array(
'max_depth' => 4, // default depth 4, to disable comment threading set to 0

max_depth: Specifies maximum depth of a comment thread.

  • Set to 0 to disable comment threading.
  • The default value if max_depth is not specified is 4.