Unapprove modified reviews

By default, when an approved review is committed or updated, Swarm changes the state to Needs Review if the files have been modified since the review was approved.

If one or more files in a review has the filetype +k (ktext), this behavior is undesirable because the files will appear to be modified as the Helix Core Server replaces RCS keywords with their current values. This behavior can be disabled.


If you make a configuration change, Swarm will not use it until the configuration cache has been reloaded, this forces Swarm to use the new configuration. You must be an admin or super user to reload the Swarm config cache. Navigate to the User id dropdown menu, select System Information, click the Cache Info tab, and click the Reload Configuration button.

To disable this behavior, edit the SWARM_ROOT/data/config.php file, and add or update the unapprove_modified item to false, within the reviews configuration block. For example:

// this block should be a peer of 'p4'
'reviews' => array(
'unapprove_modified' => false,

For information on file types, see File Types in Helix Core Command-Line (P4) Reference.