Log in/Log out

When you are not logged into Swarm, certain features are unavailable to you, such as providing comments to changes or reviews, adding projects, and more.

Log in with a password

  1. Click Log in on the right of the Swarm header.
  2. Type in your username and password, appropriate for the Helix Core Server that Swarm is configured to use.
  3. Select the Remember me check box if you prefer to stay logged in between browser restarts.


    The Helix Core Server can enforce maximum log in times. You may become logged out even if Remember me is selected. Swarm administrators can change the maximum log in time, see Sessions for details.

  4. Click Log in with credentials.

Log in with SSO

  1. If your organization has single sign-on (SSO) configured for Helix Core Server, you can use it to log in through your organization's identity provider.

  2. Open Swarm.

  3. Enter your Email or Username.

  4. Click Log in with SSO.

    You are prompted to log in to the identity provider.


    To log in manually to Swarm using your username and password instead, click Log in with credentials. If you switch to log in with credentials and then decide to use single sign-on, click Log in with SSO.

  5. Enter your identity provider credentials.

    If your login is successful, the Swarm home page opens. See Quickstart to get started with Swarm.

Log out of Swarm

  1. Click your userid, on the right of the Swarm header.
  2. Select Log Out from the drop-down menu.
  3. Tip
    • If Helix Authentication Service is configured for your Helix Core Server, logging out of Swarm will not invalidate your Identity Provider (IdP) login status. If you try to log back in to Swarm while your IdP status is still valid, you will not be prompted to complete the log in steps.

    • If require_login is also enabled, Swarm will return you to the login and your IdP will automatically log you back in. In this case log out from your Identity Provider page before logging out from Swarm.

    • If a custom redirect has been configured by your Swarm administrator, you are logged out of Swarm and then redirected to the URL specified by the administrator.
    • The custom redirect can be set to any internal or external URL, for example:

      • Company intranet, extranet, internet, FTP, or Web-mail page
      • Industry news website
      • Identity Provider page to invalidate your IdP log in status


By default, Swarm requires users to log in, which prevents anonymous users from accessing a Helix Core Server via Swarm. Users who have not logged in see a log in page immediately when visiting Swarm:

The steps to log in are identical to using the Log in dialog.

Swarm administrators can disable require_login to allow anonymous users to see commits, reviews, etc.


service and operator users are not permitted to login. See User types in the Helix Core Server Administrator Guide .