About This Manual

This book, Perforce Server Administrator's Guide: Multi-Site Deployment (previously titled Distributing Perforce), is a guide intended for administrators responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining multiple interconnected or replicated Perforce services. Administrators of sites that require only one instance of the Perforce service will likely find the Perforce Server Administrator's Guide: Fundamentals sufficient.

This guide assumes familiarity with the material in the Perforce Server Administrator's Guide: Fundamentals.

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What's new in this guide for the 2015.1 update

This section provides a list of changes to this guide for the Perforce Server 2015.1 update release. For a list of all new functionality and major bug fixes in Perforce Server 2015.1, see the Perforce Server 2015.1 Release Notes.

Major changes

The broker can use multiple command handlers

See Filter programs for information about the new CONTINUE action, which allows you to specify multiple command handlers.

Updates and corrections

Using the rpl.forward.login configurable

The rpl.forward.login configurable should be set for all replicas, not all servers.

More replica types are available

See How replica types handle requests for additional information on additional replica types.


See Enabling SSL support for information about the use of the P4TRUST environment variable to secure communication in a distributed environment.

Working with promoted shelves

See Promoting shelved changelists for additional information on working with promoted shelves.