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  • March 22, 2016

    There is no denying that DevOps has shaken up the world of developing and deploying software. And with all the buzz around new techniques, tools and technologies, it’s easy to think your company is the only one not deploying hundreds of times a day.

    However, there are age-old aspects of software delivery that DevOps doesn’t magically solve, particularly when it comes to release engineering and application lifecycle management. Is there a golden balance between automation and manual interventions? If ALM divides the application lifecycle into phases, can it co-exist with DevOps, which sees the entire development process as one cycle?

  • March 18, 2016

    Here at MathWorks, introducing edge servers with broker routing capability played a pivotal role in scaling our development. Setting up a local server that handles 90 percent of the load from remote offices has dramatically freed up the commit server and distributed the load among edge servers, considerably improving the overall performance of the remote offices. 

  • March 14, 2016

    There are LOTS of great reasons to attend MERGE 2016, the Perforce Conference. In addition to the 8 we've listed below, we're offering a FLASH SALE. Sign-up by Friday, March 18 and you'll save $200 off the registration fee. Use promo code: stpaddy 

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  • March 11, 2016

    I’m a big fan of personally handling the stuff I know, but for everything else I prefer to pay others. While my wife or I can manage the checkbook, for high finance we’ll call a broker.

    P4D does what it does very well. The scalability and reliability are impressive. But it doesn’t do everything and that’s where we call P4Broker.

    Brokers decide where things such as money or P4 requests should go, and how. At Cirrus Logic, we’re big fans of making the Helix experience as seamless as possible for the user. Handling new and changed functionality via P4Broker helps us do that.

  • March 10, 2016

    Thank you to everyone who joined us for our live webinar "Git in the Enterprise: How to Succeed at DevOps using Git and a Monorepo." We really enjoyed presenting with our partners over at GitLab, and were lucky to have such an enthusiastic audience.

    If you missed the webinar, watch the on-demand version at a time that works for you.

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  • March 10, 2016

    In February, Perforce was excited to announce the addition of two new reseller partners to its growing global network.

    Emenda Software, founded in 2006 and with a presence across Europe and China, is a leading supplier of software development tools and consultancy services that accelerate the development of safety critical software systems, compliant with stringent standards such as DO-178B for Avionics, IEC 61508 for Industrial Controls, and IEC 62304 for Medical Devices. Emenda will be selling and supporting the Perforce Helix version control and collaboration platform throughout the UK, Germany, France and Scandinavia.
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