Eclipse Plug-in

P4Eclipse, the Perforce Plug-in for Eclipse, seamlessly integrates the strengths of Perforce's version management system with Eclipse's powerful IDE. Implemented as a pure Java solution, P4Eclipse provides a developer-oriented set of features from within the Eclipse Team framework that support a wide range of Agile and traditional development workflows.

The Best of Both Worlds—Eclipse and Perforce

All fundamental Perforce operations, along with advanced file merge/resolve change, shelving, branching, and defect tracking, are presented to users from within the Eclipse Team framework. Operations are available through context menus from the Java Package Explorer, Eclipse Synchronize pane, Perforce changelist pane, Perforce connection manager, and main Eclipse menus.

Full Support for Complex Refactoring

P4Eclipse uses Eclipse's refactoring framework to optimize Perforce version control operations, ensuring arbitrarily complex refactoring is efficient and safe. Functionality enables class and interface files to be moved and renamed multiple times before submit.

VIDEO: Developer Takes: New Visual Tools in P4Eclipse (v2010.1)Unrivaled Graphical Tools

P4Eclipse has feature-rich graphical tools, including:

  • Merge Quest, an innovative branch visualization tool that models current codeline and branch strategies and gives better visibility into potential integrations.
  • Time-lapse View, a fully-integrated, language-aware tool that displays the entire content history and evolution of Perforce-managed files.
  • Folder Diff, a comparison tool that helps you trace and debug issues quickly when comparing projects and files at different revisions and points in time.

Task-focused Interface

Tasktop-certified P4Mylyn, the Perforce Mylyn Connector, is a task-focused interface that makes it easy to commit relevant changes to Perforce when working on multiple tasks. You can quickly navigate from code to a relevant task, and even view and edit Perforce jobs from the Mylyn task list.

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P4Eclipse Compatibility

The latest release of P4Eclipse is compatible with:

  • Eclipse versions 4.4, 4.3, and 4.2
  • Perforce Server versions 2009.1 and higher
  • Mylyn 3.12