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See how Git Fusion improves the Git experience for everyone.

Git Fusion Brings Git to the Enterprise

If you're using Git at your company, you’ve seen the challenges it can create for projects that don't fit neatly into a single Git repository. In fact, you might be facing a difficult decision. Either adopt an entirely new release engineering process and make sure your codebase is structured to perform well in Git. Or make your Git developers use bolted-on tools with extra manual steps. Either way, someone has to compromise.

Not anymore.

Manage Git Sprawl

Perforce offers enterprise-ready Git repository management. Git developers can continue to use their preferred tools unchanged. Release managers can assemble their projects using tried-and-true engineering processes. And administrators have enterprise-class IP security, availability and visibility across all projects and teams:

  • Gain end-to-end visibility and tracking
  • Administer fine-grained access control
  • Easily re-organize repositories
  • Achieve scale without manual complexity
  • Work in Git, Perforce, or both

With Perforce we get the best of both worlds. Our developers using Git
can continue just as they were. And those of us who need the big picture view of releases, components and workflow are able to receive a holistic view."

Hao Li, Director of Release Engineering at VMware

Better Git Experience Overall

With Perforce, release managers and administrators have a secure system that scales to support any distributed or agile workflow. They can:

  • See a complete view of all projects and teams—including code expressed through Git
  • Manage large and complex DVCS projects with ease
  • Share code/modules across repositories
  • Extend enterprise-grade IP security and defensibility, scalability and compliance to Git repositories
  • Support globally distributed teams

Improving the Git Experience for Developers

Git developers can work in their preferred context without change. With Git Fusion, now they can also:

  • Create customized repositories, selecting elements/modules from different projects/repositories
  • Enjoy simplified code sharing/reuse
  • Collaborate better with other teams and projects
  • Access powerful Perforce tools like time lapse view or revision graphs
  • Prevent modifications to sensitive files

Developers get all the new hotness that is Git, and release managers and auditors
get all the tried-and-true enterprise development expertise of Perforce."


Distributed Version Control

Perforce enterprise version management solutions foster collaboration on a global scale. In Perforce's distributed version control environment, each site can have the full set of data it needs—from any combination of data in Perforce and Git—even if the logical and geographical structures of the project don't line up. And the Perforce environment makes no sacrifices in IP security or compliance.

Developers can code in either Git or Perforce and can switch easily back and forth. When they need to, they can take advantage of Perforce’s advanced suite of tools, including integrations with other applications, the ability to remap code on a grand scale, and tools to visualize file evolution and branch history.

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