Latest Features: Perforce Versioning Engine Highlights

Accelerate Continuous Delivery for Distributed Teams

New capabilities in the Perforce Versioning Engine, P4D, offer massive gains in Continuous Delivery across the board. Features include support for up to 35% faster workspace syncs, shelving support for remote teams, and additional enhancements designed to boost overall developer productivity.

Perforce Versioning Engine 2014.2 Highlights:

  • Streams Improvements: Write functionality with imported streams for more flexible component-based development, and the ability to delete streams altogether for ongoing maintenance.
  • Better Security: LDAP/AD integration allows centralization with existing authentication stores.
  • Performance Improvements: Lockless reads are the new default and sync performance has been improved.
  • Smoother Internationalization: Unicode auto-detection of local character set, and language packs available in Korean and Simplified Chinese.
  • Easier Deployment: RPM/Debian packages make it easier than ever before to set up and upgrade the versioning engine.
  • Server Clustering: New data center deployment option offers a multi-node solution for high availability and horizontal data center scaling.

Perforce Versioning Engine 2014.1 Highlights:

  • Faster Syncs with Parallel Sync: Parallel Sync is a unique capability that allows developers and automated processes to speed up workspace syncs by transferring multiple files simultaneously.

    • Developers can sync the latest changes to their workspaces faster than before, thereby improving their experience and productivity.
    • Automated build systems can make use of Parallel Sync to speed up the creation of workspaces, and reduce overall build times.
  • Enhanced Shelve Support for Distributed Teams: Teammates connected to different Perforce Edge services in different geographic locations can now share their work-in-progress through shelves. Globally visible shelves allow distributed teams to collaborate on pre-commit code reviews before submitting to the mainline.
  • Changelist Specifiers in Perforce Streams Import Paths: Streams users can select specific revisions of files to include in their import paths when creating new streams. Doing so limits their views of revisions from later changelists and reduces the metadata storage space associated with their new streams.
  • P4 Clean Simplifies Builds for Continuous Integration: New 'P4 Clean' command allows automated build system processes to restore their workspaces in one step by removing any untracked files—a critical first step that simplifies build processes for better Continuous Integration.

Perforce Versioning Engine 2013.2/2013.3 Highlights:

  • Lockless Reads: Speed up Continuous Integration and free up memory resources by up to 60%; concurrent operations through lockless reads allows most commands to execute with minimal or even no blocking.
  • Edge Servers: Dramatically improve Perforce version management performance and scalability in a distributed model by offloading some workspace tasks from the main shared versioning service to edge services.
  • Advanced Replication: Replicas make better use of available bandwidth, replicating only a subset of data to each site—a replica on one end of the WAN can drive other replicas in the area.
  • Task Streams: Manage tasks in task streams or shelves, with quick review, approval, and promotion.
  • Shelving: Use shelving as a lightweight task and code review system.
  • Administration Improvements: Fine tune your site maintenance and configurations using command and proxy diagnostics, and properties for site-wide configuration, including support for IPv6.